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FromLisbon - Portela (LIS)
ToToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
This was our return flight. The seat did not recline - it was broken.The flight attendant tried to fix it and it was okay for a couple of hours and then did not work again. This was unfortunate as the seat is the only thing on this flight that made it even feel like business class. I will never fly business class again with SATA. Other than the seat I saw nothing that would make it different from economy class so no point in spending your hard earned cash. It is old style seat equipment for the entertainment. Only 4 (and they were not new ones) vides to watch which were the same 4 were were given for our Toronto-Lisbon leg. They had no rum. Had only a couple of bottles of wine (which they ran out of) and they used the same plastic glasses as economy! For exiting and entering the plan all business class line up in the lines with everyone else - there is nothing and I mean nothing other than than the seat reclines (when it works) into a bed that distinguishes business class from economy class. I do not recommend it. Money not worth. If you need business class fly with another airlines.
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4.5 of 5
Azores Airlines A330-200.

Echoing other reviews: The "Executive" class in Sata / Azores airlines consists mostly of a larger, fully reclinable seat with more personal space. There is free wine, an upgraded meal (based upon conversations with our friends in Economy), and business lounge access before the flight.

So, not fancy. But for me the single, largest draw to business class is the ability to fully recline your seat and sleep on an overnight flight the Europe. And, although the seats and amenities were dated (and broken... but fixable), it most certainly met the mark. Great sleep, and generally good service.

The airplane interior is long overdue for an overhaul/update, but I doubt the finances of the company allow for it. And, with an Executive Class flight between Toronto and Porto costing us only $1,600 CDN ($1,185 USD), their is clearly value in their offering.

Summary: If you want a good night's sleep, and aren't too concerned with being at the cutting edge of amenities and design, SATA's Executive Class is worth considering.
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FromPorto - Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO)
ToToronto - Lester B. Pearson International (YYZ)
This was my first time in executive having flown economy with SATA and others many times before. Not sure what the other reviews expected but you are paying for lots of extra space, upgraded meals (not neccesarily 5*) and betterservice. BIG difference from sitting in economy. The entertainment needs fixing. All in all I would pay what I paid for this extra space.
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ToLisbon - Portela (LIS)
Seat was very good and turns into bed. We were on an overnight flight. The rest regarding business class service was absolutely terrible and was not worth the price.
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FromVictoria - Victoria International (YYJ)
ToLisbon - Lisbon TP (ZYD)
Very smooth flight, stewardesses provided very good service, food good.

Conclusion is the flight was very good

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