SATA Air Açores Baggage and Carry-on

What is SATA Air Açores policy on carry-on allowance?

Each passenger is entitled to a carry-on allowance, which differs depending on the travel class and the operating carrier (SATA Air Açores – SP flights or Azores Airlines, formerly SATA International – S4 flights).

What is SATA Air Açores policy on checked baggage allowance?

Depending on the route, different policies may apply with regard to checked baggage:

  • Weight Concept – domestic, European and Africa routes.
  • Piece Concept – the US and Canada routes.

All fares include a free checked baggage allowance. Checked baggage allowances differ depending on the travel class and the operating carrier (SATA Air Açores – SP flights or Azores Airlines – S4 flights).

Carry-on Baggage

On all SATA Air Açores flights (SP flights), all passengers are allowed to take into the passenger cabin 1 bag with the maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm (total sum of 115 cm / 45 inches). The carry-on bag cannot exceed 8 kg (17 lbs). Charter flights may have different baggage rules.

On all Azores Airlines flights (S4 flights), carry-on allowances differ depending on the travel class:

Travel ClassNumber of bagsTotal WeightDimensions
Economy Class18 kg (17 lbs)115 cm (45 inches) / 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Executive Class220 kg (44 lbs) in total / 10 kg (22 lbs) each126 cm (49 inches) / 56 x 45 x 25 cm

On all SATA flights, in addition to the carry-on baggage allowance, all passengers may carry the following items free of charge:

  • A coat, one overcoat or one blanket.
  • One walking stick or one umbrella.
  • One film or photo camera of small dimensions and/or one pair of binoculars.
  • Some books and magazines to read during the flight.
  • One lady’s small handbag, a bag with one laptop or one diplomatic handbag, purse or a wallet whose dimensions are in accordance with the normal wear for the flight and which does not contain articles that may be considered as baggage.
  • Passengers traveling with babies: food and clothes to be worn during the flight, one portable basket.
  • Passengers with reduced mobility: one pair of crutches, a collapsible wheelchair, prosthetic devices or other articles considered indispensable for locomotion.

Remember that the carry-on baggage must be shown at the time of check-in for proper labeling. SATA Air Açores recommends the transportation of the following items as carry-on baggage:

  • Mobile phones (turned off). The use of electronics devices is prohibited during take-off and landing.
  • Money, credit documents, credit cards, checks, bonds and other securities.
  • Jewelry.
  • Medicine.
  • Commercial samples.
  • Fragile or perishable items.

Checked Baggage

The free baggage allowance is the limit of baggage in weight, according to the Weight Concept, or pieces, according to the Piece Concept, that a passenger can transport as checked baggage without paying any additional fee. Baggage that exceeds the allowance stipulated is subject to excess baggage fees.

The Weight Concept applies on all SATA Air Açores (SP) flights and Azores Airlines (S4) flights on domestic, European and Africa routes. There is no limit to the number of pieces, but there is a weight limit per piece of maximum 32 kg. Depending on the travel class, the following free baggage allowances are offered when the Weight Concept applies:

Free Baggage Allowances – Weight Concept
SP flights and S4 flights on domestic, Europe and Africa routes
Travel ClassFareDomesticEurope & Africa
SP flightsEconomyAll fares23 kg (50 lbs)
S4 flightsEconomyDiscount23 kg (50 lbs)23 kg (50 lbs)
Smart35 kg (77 lbs)
Value46 kg (101 lbs)
ExecutiveComfort64 kg (141 lbs)32 kg (70 lbs)

The Piece Concept applies on Azores Airlines (S4) flights on US and Canada routes. For passengers with flights to/from the US and Canada, even with more than 24 hours stopover in any airport, it is granted the baggage allowance of the international sector. Depending on the travel class, the following free baggage allowances are offered when the Piece Concept applies:

Free Baggage Allowances – Piece Concept – S4 flights to/from the US and Canada
Travel Class FareNumber of PiecesMaximum Weight per Piece
Economy ClassDiscount123 kg (50 lbs)
Smart123 kg (50 lbs)
Value223 kg (50 lbs) each
Executive ClassExecutive232 kg (70 lbs) each

Baggage weighing more than 23 kg must be tagged as heavy baggage during check-in, and the actual baggage weight should be indicated on the tag. The transportation in the hold of sporting equipment and animals, for which the maximum weight per checked bag is 45 kg, is included in the baggage allowance, but subject to excess baggage fees, should the baggage allowance be exceeded.

When traveling with babies or children, SATA Air Açores will transport, free of charge, a baby stroller/basket and a baby chair as checked baggage.

Excess Baggage

The following excess baggage fees apply for one-way flights:

Baggage PolicyExcess Baggage Fees
Weight Concept Domestic4 EUR per kg
Europe and Africa15 EUR/GBP per kg
Piece Concept Additional piece100 CAD / 100 USD / 80 EUR
Overweight piece (24 – 32 kg)100 CAD / 100 USD / 80 EUR

The above rules are applied to flights operated by SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines. For flights operated by partner airlines, taking into account the most significant carrier, other rules may be applied.

Sporting Equipment

In order to transport sporting equipment, it is necessary to make a reservation and receive confirmation from SATA Air Açores and/or Azores Airlines. Information on the type, weight and dimensions of the equipment must be given at the time of reservation. The transportation of sporting equipment is included in the baggage allowance.

For some sporting equipment, an additional allowance should be added over the free baggage allowance:

  • 10 kg (Weight Concept) or 1 extra piece with 10 kg (Piece Concept) – equestrian, fishing, bicycles, and boards or kayaking equipment.
  • 15 kg (Weight Concept) or 1 extra piece with 15 kg (Piece Concept) – golf, canyoning, diving, hang-gliders, and paragliders.

Should the free baggage allowance be exceeded, sporting equipment is subject to the following excess baggage fees:

  • Additional piece and/or overweight piece up to 32 kg per piece – regular excess baggage fees.
  • Overweight piece 33-45 kg:
    • Rate per kilo + a 50 EUR/GBP handling fee – domestic, Europe and Africa routes.
    • 150 CAD / 150 USD / 120 EUR – the US and Canada routes.

Baggage Services

In the event of problems with your checked baggage, you must contact SATA Lost and Found Services or Handling Agent at the arrival airport. In case this has not been done, passengers should submit to SATA a written complaint, as soon as possible. In case of delay of checked baggage, it must be done within 21 days, or in case of damaged baggage, within 7 days, in both cases from the date on which the baggage was placed at the passenger’s disposal.

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