Seat Map LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 170

Seat map for LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 170

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Business Class31"17.3"5
Economy Plus31"17.3"12
Economy Class31"17.3"48

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3.5 of 5
ToWarsaw - Frederic Chopin (WAW)
First time with LOT for any flight and picked deliberately to try them. The aircraft first, I have flown on Embraer models before with other carriers and I love them as a plane, compact, neat and tidy and very comfortable for a short haul commuter. Seats are very comfortable and for me have one of the best padded areas around the head and height adjustable head rests of any economy seat. Also they are like a little pocket rocket, blast along the runway and massive rate and angle of climb and very quiet for a cabin.

My seat 18A in particular, was last row and left hand window. Great view out windows and good view of trailing edge and flap operation if you like watching the moving parts at work. Also only one toilet on the plane and you are very close to it so a bonus. Many smaller regional commuters in Europe park on the aprons and you are transported to and from aircraft by bus. In most cases the rear door is opened as well and if that happens you are right there. Leg room for me as a big guy was fine and could stretch legs forward under seat as well.

Attendants on LOT, mixed response. I made four flights in four days with them and was 50/50. Some were perfect especially the younger ones, but were some very senior cabin attendants too and nothing against their age, just they had an air of superiority about them, almost as if they were doing you a favour by being there, rather than the other way round as a paying client. Service was efficient but very basic as you would expect on an 80 minute flight. Mix of freebies, water, coffee and a chocolate then a paid service run for those who wanted something more elaborate. Overall enjoyable flight on a great little aircraft.
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4 of 5
FromWarsaw-Frederic Chopin (WAW)
ToPrague-Prague - Ruzyne International (PRG)
What can I say except it's a typical commuter aircraft. Flight crew was super, served breakfast after T/O and went to feed the economy section on this short 1 hour flight. I was the only person in Business class so I have no complaints. Crew was great, on time and had all my bags on arrival. Couldn't ask for anything more. Flying like it used to be...perfect. There is no inflight entertainment except for the crew.
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