LOT Polish Airlines flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on LOT Polish Airlines flights?

LOT Polish Airlines allows passengers to travel with a pet. Dogs and cats will be accepted as hand or checked baggage, while the transport of other animals can only be arranged through LOT CARGO.

Does LOT Polish Airlines require documents for acceptance of pets?

In order to be accepted on LOT flights, passengers must present the pet’s vaccination records and an up-to-date certificate from a vet to confirm compliance with the regulations of the departure and arrival countries, as well as transit countries. LOT Polish Airlines advise passengers to familiarize with the European Union regulations regarding traveling with animals.

Traveling with Pets

If you intend to travel with your pet, you must inform LOT Polish Airlines when purchasing your ticket, but no later than 24 hours before departure of your flight. The number of animals, including Service Dogs, transported simultaneously on board an aircraft is limited.

All animals must be transported in a pet carrier appropriate to their weight and size. When being transported in the cabin, the carrier with the pet inside may not weigh more than 8 kg. Maximum dimensions for the carrier vary depending on the type of aircraft:

Type of aircraftMaximum dimensions (length x height x width)
B737, B78755 x 40 x 20 cm
ATR45, E70, E75, E9545 x 30 x 20 cm

For transport in the baggage hold, information regarding maximum dimensions for pet carriers is available from LOT Polish Airlines offices. Animal containers for transportation in the cargo hold should comply with IATA Live Animals Regulations. Containers made entirely of wire mesh or welded mesh are not suitable for transport. When you check in, LOT may refuse to transport your animal if the container does not comply with IATA requirements or is too small.


Pets are never included in the free baggage allowance but counted as excess baggage, for which fees will apply. Payment can be made at LOT Polish Airlines offices or to LOT agents. Fees for transportation of animals depend on the type of service (PETC – pet in cabin, AVIH – animal in hold), the total weight (animal plus bag/container) and route:

Type of
Size/categoryDomestic*Europe, Middle East
and Africa
The US, Canada,
China and Japan
PETCUp to 8 kg12 EUR
50 PLN
50 EUR
200 PLN
70 EUR
280 PLN
AVIHSmall & Medium
Up to 15 kg
23 EUR
90 PLN
100 EUR
400 PLN
150 EUR
600 PLN
Over 15 kg
40 EUR
170 PLN
200 EUR
800 PLN
300 EUR
1200 PLN
*An extra charge 8% VAT will apply to the excess baggage fee on domestic flights.

Service Dogs

LOT Polish Airlines accepts Service Dogs (seeing-eye, hearing and assistance dogs), as well emotional as support dogs on flights to/from the US, free of charge, in the passenger cabin when accompanying a passenger with a disability. LOT Polish Airlines must be notified 48 hours before departure time. Size and weight limitations do not apply. It is not required that the animal travel in a container, but the dog should be on a lead. Although it is not necessary for the dog to wear a muzzle, the person traveling with the dog should have one.

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