Seat Map Finnair Airbus A350 900 Config.2

Seat map for Finnair Airbus A350 900 Config.2

Seating details

Business Class78-81"21"32
Economy Comfort35"18"42
Economy Class31"18"262

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4.5 of 5
FromVantaa - Helsinki-vantaa (HEL)
ToPhuket - Phuket International (HKT)
Nice plane, business class is quite large, no luggage bins on the middle (specific for a350) but large wide bins on the aisles.
Seat was 3A, large enough.
one of my seats compartments was broken and a scotch tape held it closed (on the right)
it is a flatbed, and due to orientation on the side, I had to take a moment before finding the right position to sleep (space for the feet is not so large on the far end).
everything is convenient, plugs, usb, screen, great entertainment menu, service.

Comparing to Emirates a380 it lacks of :
Wide space for the legs,
mini bar (just one water bottle here)
mattress the staff adds before you go to sleep.
remote tablet
but overall, worth the price :-)
I found the plane was not so silent compared to what I read on reviews. Many times I put on and off my NC headset.
absolutely great food and drink choice
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3.5 of 5
Read several reviews by journalists who were invited on introductory flights for 350-900 business class. They colored their experience immensely. Perhaps if I reviewed may find the get out clauses. But, disappointing to an extent. Service impeccable, food stodgy (this is business class) but no shortage of it. Herringbone seat structure creaky, not very comfortable and seats/bed way too hard. Lie flat bed surprisingly OK. Easy to lose seat belt in the mechanism. Movies rubbish. Trouble was we had just stepped out of Qantas business class, absolutely no comparison.
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