Seat Map Finnair Airbus A321 188PAX

Seat map for Finnair Airbus A321 188PAX

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Business Class31"18"16
Economy Class31"18"172

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There are 6 Airbus 321s in Finnair’s fleet, 4 of which are owned by Finnair. This plane a seating capacity of 181 passengers. It cruises at a speed of 840km/h, has a range of 3,120km and has a maximum cruising altitude of 11.900m.
Economy Class has 14-16 music channels and Business Class 16-18, depending on aircraft version. The Boeing MD-11, Airbus and Boeing 757 aircraft have an Airshow system, on which the passengers can follow the progress of the flight on maps and receive information about the different stages of the journey from the overhead monitors and from the personal video displays in Boeing MD-11 Business Class. During the flight, the Airshow program tells the remaining flight time, the estimated arrival time, the local time, the temperature outside the aircraft and at the destination, as well as the speed and altitude of the aircraft. Depending of the flight time, the monitors may also show video programs and films.
In Business Class on most Boeing MD-11 aircraft, passengers have a personal video system and display screen; on a few Boeing MD-11s a DVD player and a selection of movies and other entertainment is offered. The video system offers 11 video channels, 16-18 audio channels and a power socket for a laptop computer. You can buy a Targus Universal Auto/Air Power Adapter pack from the Finnair Tax-Free Plus shop at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and on intercontinental flights (price: 139 euros). In Business Class you may ask the crew for a portable Sony PSP game console and games to use during the flight.
In Economy Class you may ask the cabin crew for GameBoy game console and games to use during the flight. On Airbus aircraft, video programs are shown without sound.
On Leisure flights you may rent a portable Sony PSP game console and two games for 8 euros to use during the flight. On Leisure flights the headphones cost 2 euros.
In Business Class the seats are more spacious and have greater leg room. On intercontinental flights every customer is provided with a blanket, a pillow and a blanket cover set. On European flights, a few blankets and pillows are available.
On intercontinental flights, the cabin crew distribute to each passenger at the start of the flight a bottle of fresh spring water. During the flight the crew also distribute comfortable socks to wear onboard, as well as ear plugs and eye shades to give you an undisturbed rest. On Japan flights separate travel slippers are distributed to passengers.
Pillows and blankets are available in Economy Class on intercontinental flights if you wish to rest or if you feel chilly. On European flights a few pillows and blankets are available. On intercontinental flights, there is a bottle of fresh spring water for each passenger, eye shades and ear plugs are also available on request in Economy Class on intercontinental flights.

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2.5 of 5
FromVantaa - Helsinki-vantaa (HEL)
ToCopenhagen - Kastrup (CPH)
An uneventful continuation flights on a very nice A321 from Helsinki to Copenhagen having flown into Helsinki from Los Angeles. The interior of the aircraft was very nice with nice clean colours. The crew delivered a friendly service, the only negative being that you have to pay for just about everything onboard. The captain’s announcements were very clear but for some strange reason the head steward’s announcements were barely audible.
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