Turkish Airlines flying with pets

Does Turkish Airlines accept passengers traveling with pets?

Passengers may travel with pets on Turkish Airlines flights, and pets can be transported in both the passenger cabin (PETC) and cargo compartment (AVIH). Pets must have vaccination and health certificates, all necessary entry permits and any other documents required by the countries of transit/destination.

Which pets are allowed on Turkish Airlines flights?

Only cats, dogs, and small birds (budgies, canaries, goldfinches, parrots, pigeons, etc.) can be transported as pets. Cats are not accepted on the same flights with dogs or birds, whether they travel in separate cabins. As far as possible, dogs and birds may be carried in the same cabin or different cabins. According to the type of aircraft, the maximum number of pets that Turkish Airlines will accept on a flight may vary.

Dogs that are considered dangerous (e.g., Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Japanese Tosa, Rottweiler, Mastiff, etc.) will not be accepted.

Pregnant pets and kittens/puppies younger than 10 weeks old will not be accepted. Also, kittens/puppies, as well as mothers, will not be accepted until they are fully weaned. Kittens/puppies aged between 10 to 12 weeks are accepted only with approval from a veterinary.


For both carry-on and checked pets, passengers must receive approval at least 6 hours before departure time and are required to complete all acceptance procedures at the check-in counter. Cats and dogs who suffer from respiratory problems (Persian, Burmese, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, etc.) should be carried in the passenger cabin. 

For pets transported in the cabin, cages/bags must have the maximum dimensions of 23 x 30 x 40 cm (H x W x L) and a maximum weight of 8 kg. Soft bags are recommended. If on the same flight there is a passenger that proves an animal allergy with a medical certificate, pets will be accepted in the cabin according to specific conditions.

Pets that cannot be accepted in the cabin for any reason must be transported as checked baggage in special cages of an adequate size, with good ventilation, and a waterproof floor.

Only two adult pets of the same sex who are accustomed to living together can travel in the same cage if each weighs a maximum of 14 kg. Over 14 kg, pets must be transported separately. Maximum 3 pets 10-24 weeks old and born of the same mother can be transported in the same cage.


Because pets are not included in the passengers’ free baggage allowance, Turkish Airlines will always charge an additional fee.

Pet Fee – Domestic Flights
Pet carriagePETCAVIH
Total weight0-8 kg9-15 kg16-22 kg23-28 kg28 kg and over
Fixed fee80 TRY120 TRY180 TRY220 TRY260 TRY

On international flights, there is an additional pet fee calculated based on the applicable excess baggage fees, but also a minimum fee (if the calculated amount is under the minimum fee, you will pay the minimum fee).

Pet Fee – International Flights
Pet carriagePETCAVIH
Calculated FeeMinimum FeeCalculated FeeMinimum Fee


To/from TurkeyTotal weight multiplied by the
applicable excess baggage rate
70 USDTotal weight multiplied by the
applicable excess baggage rate
140 USD
Intermediary flights*35 USD70 USD


Direct & transit flightThe applicable excess
baggage fee per piece
150 USDTwice the applicable excess
baggage fee per piece
300 USD
Intermediary flights*

Fixed fee

75 USD

Fixed fee

150 USD

Flights from
stopovers points
in Turkey**

Fixed fee:

Domestic – 35 USD

Weight Policy – 50 USD

Piece Policy – 150 USD

Fixed fee:

Domestic – 70 USD

Weight Policy – 100 USD

Piece Policy – 300 USD

*5th and 8th Freedom of the Air (e.g., Buenos Aires – São Paulo).
**Check-in at the stopover point in Turkey is completed at least 24 hours later.

Assistance Dogs

Turkish Airlines classifies Assistance Dogs as Service Dogs (SVAN) and Emotional Support Dogs (ESAN). 

Passengers needing assistance may bring their Service Dogs (SVAN) in the cabin free of charge on all Turkish Airlines flights. In order to ensure space for a Service Dog, Turkish Airlines requires that the reservation is approved at least 48 hours prior to the flight time. If the reservation has not been approved in advance, the Service Dog may still be permitted to board depending on space availability on the flight. All necessary travel documents such as vaccination certificates or identity cards, as required by the country of destination, must be provided by the passenger in order for the Service Dog to be permitted on the flight. Service Dogs should be kept on a leash and must be wearing a vest and/or an identifying harness.

Emotional Support Dogs (ESAN) are accepted free of charge only on flights between Istanbul and the US. On connecting flights, before and after these routes, the Emotional Support Dog will be transported as a pet in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage for a fee collected at the initial departure point. Passengers with connecting flights are required to carry empty cages in the appropriate dimensions, but with no additional charge. In addition to all necessary travel documents such as vaccination certificates or identity cards, as required by the country of destination, passengers traveling with an Emotional Support Dog must submit official documentation on a letterhead of a licensed mental health professional dated within one year from the date of the initial flight.

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