Turkish Airlines Baggage and Carry-on

Find below Turkish Airlines approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is Turkish Airlines policy on carry-on allowances?

In addition to the cabin baggage allowance, which depends on the travel class, Turkish Airlines policy allows passengers to carry in the passenger cabin free of charge one smaller personal item.

What is Turkish Airlines policy on checked baggage allowances?

For Turkish Airlines flights, the free checked baggage allowance may vary according to travel class and itinerary. For interline flights, the Most Significant Carrier rule will apply. The baggage policy of the airline designated by the system as the Most Significant Carrier (the airline operating the most significant and/or longest part of the journey) will apply.


Depending on the travel class, passengers are entitled to the following free cabin baggage allowance:

Class of Travel Quantity Maximum Weight Dimensions
Economy Class 1 piece 8 kg 55 x 40 x 23 cm
Business Class 2 pieces 8 kg each piece

Additionally and regardless of the travel class, only one of the items specified below will be considered as a personal item and will be carried free of charge:

  • Women’s purse, men’s handbag.
  • Small camera or video camera.
  • Tablet or laptop.
  • Carrycot (with maximum dimensions 70 x 30 cm).
  • Umbrella (without a sharp tip).

Passengers will be checked for cabin baggage at the check-in counter or during the boarding process. If the maximum weight or size is exceeded, it must be carried in the aircraft hold as part of the checked baggage allowance.

Duty-free products are excluded from the cabin baggage regulations. Liquid products bought at duty-free stores must be carried in special, sealed bags along with their receipts. On connecting flights from/through the US or the European Union, liquids in excess of 100 ml purchased from duty-free stores at the original point of departure will not be accepted, even in their sealed bags.

Checked Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance

For travel on Turkish Airlines domestic flights, the free baggage allowances are set by the Weight Policy, i.e. a limit for the total weight of the baggage regardless of the number of pieces that a passenger will check:

  • Promotional – 15 kg.
  • Economy – 20 kg.
  • Business – 30 kg.

For international, the free baggage allowances are set by the Piece Policy or Weight Policy:

International Flights – Free Baggage Allowance – Piece Policy
Class of Travel Maximum Number
of Pieces
Maximum Weight
per Piece
Maximum Dimensions
per Piece (L + W + D)
Economy 2 pieces 23 kg 158 cm
Business 2 pieces 32 kg

There may be a few exceptions from these free baggage allowances on certain routes and/or in certain periods (e.g., for flights originating from Brazil/Argentina to Turkey and beyond Turkey destinations, the maximum weight per piece for both Economy and Business Class is 32 kg for all segments for each direction).

With the Weight Policy, the free baggage allowances, set as a maximum total weight regardless of the number of pieces that a passenger wants to check, are as follows:

  • Economy Class – 20 kg.
  • Business Class – 30 kg.
  • Exceptions – for flights out of Jakarta and Norway and for flights from Germany to Turkey & beyond Turkey:
    • Economy Class – 30 kg.
    • Business Class – 40 kg.

Excess Baggage Fees

For travel on Turkish Airlines domestic flights, the excess baggage fee is 6 TL/kg (Turkish Lira).

For international flights on which the Weight Policy applies, Turkish Airlines will charge excess baggage fees on a zone basis. The zones in which the points of departure and arrival are situated must be determined in order to calculate excess baggage fees as follows: the fee specified for the departure zone – Turkey plus the fee specified for Turkey – arrival zone.

Weight Policy – Excess Baggage Fee per Kg
Between Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Turkey 3 EUR 5 EUR 7 EUR 10 EUR 15 EUR

For example, when you have a flight from London, in Zone 4, to Sharm El-Sheikh, in Zone 2, for 1 kg of excess baggage, the fee is calculated as follows: Zone 4 – Turkey + Turkey – Zone 2 => 10 EUR + 5 EUR = 15 EUR.

For international flights on which the Piece Policy applies, an overweight baggage fee of 80 USD will be charged for a piece weighing 23-32 kg (when the maximum weight per piece within the free baggage allowance is 23 kg), and an excess baggage fee will be charged for each additional piece of baggage:

Piece Policy – Excess Baggage Fees per Additional Piece
Between Piece Zone 1 Piece Zone 2
Turkey 150 USD 195 USD
Zone 1 155 USD 205 USD
Zone 2 160 USD 205 USD
Zone 3 165 USD 215 USD
Zone 4 185 USD 215 USD
Zone 5 210 USD 225 USD
Piece Zone 1 250 USD 300 USD
Piece Zone 2 300 USD 350 USD

For stopover flights departing from airports outside Turkey that process excess baggage by piece, additional fees will apply:

Between Turkey Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Piece Zone 1 Piece Zone 2
Turkey 10 USD 40 USD 45 USD 50 USD 55 USD 65 USD 130 USD 180 USD

These are some examples how excess baggage fees are calculated:

  • Flights without stopovers:
    • From Washington to Istanbul, Turkish Airlines will charge 150 USD per extra piece of baggage.
    • From Washington to Paris (Zone 3), Turkish Airlines will charge 165 USD per extra piece of baggage.
  • Flights with stopovers:
    • From Washington to Ankara with a stopover in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines will charge 160 USD per extra piece of baggage (150 USD is payable for the Washington – Istanbul segment plus 10 USD for the Istanbul – Ankara segment).
    • From Chicago to Tel Aviv (Zone 2) with a stopover in Istanbul, Turkish Airlines will charge 195 USD per extra piece of baggage (150 USD is payable for the Chicago – Istanbul segment plus 45 USD for the Istanbul – Tel Aviv segment).

Sporting Equipment

Most sporting equipment is carried free of charge on domestic flights, but some types of aircraft in Turkish Airlines fleet are not suitable for carrying pieces of checked baggage of large dimensions.

On all flights, Turkish Airlines will transport the first set of golf equipment, water/snow skiing equipment, and snowboard equipment free of charge. For other sporting equipment, Turkish Airlines will charge the following fees between Turkey and:

  • Europe, North Africa and Middle East – 30 EUR.
  • Asia and Central Africa – 50 EUR.
  • All other destinations and interline carriage – 60 EUR.

Baggage Service

Any baggage irregularity (delayed, damaged and/or lost baggage) must be reported at the Lost & Found Office before leaving the arrival hall, on the arrival day. For the first 5 days, the Lost & Found Office is responsible for searching for the lost baggage. When baggage is found, Turkish Airlines will deliver it to the passenger free of charge.

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