TAP Air Portugal flying with pets

Does TAP Air Portugal allow passengers to transport pets on its flights?

Depending on the weight, size and species of the animal, TAP Air Portugal allows passenger to transport pets in the cabin or the hold. Pets must be clean, healthy, harmless, odorless and not pregnant. When accepted for carriage by air, all animals (except Service Animals traveling in the cabin) must be in a suitable container.

Are there restrictions depending on route?

The laws governing the import and export of animals in each country along the route must be respected. The passenger is responsible for providing all necessary documents (health and vaccination certificates, import/export/transit permits, etc.).

Pets will not be accepted either in the cabin or in the hold on flights to the UK. Only Service Animals may be authorized for transport in the cabin on TAP flights to the United Kingdom. Pets can only be transported on flights from the UK.

In the following countries, the maximum weight for pets transported as checked baggage is restricted by law to 32 kg (animal + container): the US, France, Hungary, and Netherlands.

Are advance arrangements necessary to transport my pet on a TAP flight?

If you would like to travel with your pet, you must inform TAP at the time of booking, or at least 24 hours before departure. Approval of requests for transporting animals in the cabin or in the hold is subject to availability of space, the aircraft type and the passenger’s cabin class.

If an interline journey is involved, authorization for the animal to accompany the passenger must be obtained from all airlines. You will be required to provide information on the species and number of animals to be carried, the size of the pet container in which the animal is to be carried and total weight (pet container plus animal).

Pets in the Cabin

On TAP flights, only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. Pets are accepted in Economy Class on all flights, and in Executive Class on most TAP aircraft (not accepted in Executive Class on long-haul flights).

A pet container designed to transport animals (rigid or soft-sided) must be used, and it has to be water-tight (capable of retaining the animal’s body fluids). The maximum weight of the animal, including the container is 8 kg. The size of the container cannot exceed 40 cm in length, 33 cm in width and 17 cm in height.

Each passenger may carry no more than one container. The container may include more than one animal of the same kind, that are used to cohabit, but for limit purposes will be counted as one.


TAP Air Portugal will charge a fee for the pet and will never include it in the free baggage allowance of the passenger:

  • 35 EUR – on domestic flights.
  • 70 EUR – on flights within Europe (including Morocco).
  • 150 EUR – on intercontinental flights.

Pets as Checked Baggage

TAP Air Portugal transports as checked baggage warm-blooded animals such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. Transportation of animals in the hold is subject to requirements in the IATA Live Animals Regulations. The animal must be transported in its own pet container.

The maximum weight of the animal plus container is 45 kg, with the exception of the countries that by law limit the maximum weight to 32 kg: the US, France, Hungary, and Netherlands. The container must be large enough that the animal can stand upright and move, fit for air transportation and handling, and adequately ventilated on at least 3 sides.


TAP Air Portugal will charge the transportation of a pet in the hold as excess baggage and will never include it in the free baggage allowance of the passenger:

RouteWeight up to 32 kgWeight over 32 kg and up to 45 kg
Domestic flights70 EUR130 EUR
Within Europe (including Morocco)100 EUR200 EUR
Intercontinental flights200 EUR300 EUR

Service Dogs

TAP Air Portugal transports in the cabin or in the hold, free of charge, Guide Dogs for hearing or visually impaired passengers, Service Dogs for passengers with low mobility and dogs for emotional support / psychiatric assistance. When traveling in the hold, the dog must be in a container.

Guide & Service Dogs (SVAN)

Only Guide Dogs and Service Dogs may be authorised for transport in the cabin on TAP flights to/via the United Kingdom.

Guide Dogs and Service Dogs should be booked prior to the flight departure as early as possible. Passengers must make sure that he/she has all the necessary documents. Documentation proving that dog has been officially trained must be presented upon request. Guide Dogs and Service Dogs must be on a lead.

Emotional Assistance Dogs (ESAN)

Dogs for emotional support / psychiatric assistance are not accepted on flights to the UK, nor in Executive Class on long-haul flights except to/from the US.

On all flights except to/from the US, Emotional Assistance Dogs may travel in the cabin only inside a soft animal carrier weighing no more than 8 kg (with the animal inside) and with maximum dimensions of 40 x 33 x 17 cm. If the maximum weight and/or size is exceeded, the dog must travel as checked baggage, also for free.

On flights to/from the US only, Emotional Support Dogs may travel in the cabin without a pet carrier (though the use of a lead is recommended). Also, the maximum recommended weight and size for the Emotional Support Dog are 40 kg and 62 cm high (from floor to withers). Above this weight or size, TAP Air Portugal will need to analyze and duly authorize the transportation in the cabin to ensure the flight can go ahead in safety and comfort.

Emotional Support Dog acceptance requires a 48-hour advance notice and a MEDIF filled out by the passenger’s doctor. Booking confirmations for passengers with dogs for emotional assistance will depend on the TAP doctor’s professional opinion.

Emotional Support Dog do not need to have specific training for that function but must be trained to behave appropriately in public.

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