Jet Airways

Jet Airways is a international regular airline that was founded in 1993 in India.
Jet Airways fleet consists of 113 aircrafts with 10 Boeing B777 300ER, 4 Boeing B737 900ER, 2 Boeing B737 900, 65 Boeing B737 800, 5 Boeing B737 700, 15 ATR 72 500, 3 ATR 72 600, 5 Airbus A330 200, 4 Airbus A330 300.
Code share airlines for Jet Airways are: Air Canada, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qantas Airways, All Nippon Airways – Ana, Malaysia Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, KLM, Air Berlin.

Jet Airways serves 20 countries around the world on routes with flights to India.


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