Jet Airways Baggage and Carry-on

Find below Jet Airways approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is the carry-on allowance?

When travelling with Jet Airways, the carry-on allowance is one piece of hand baggage with maximum weight and dimensions varying depending on whether the flight is domestic or international, as well as on the aircraft model and travel class.

What is the free checked baggage allowance?

Jet Airways puts at its clients’ disposal a Baggage Allowance Calculator. By using this tool, every passenger can find out in advance the exact amount of checked baggage that can be carried for free, depending on the class of travel and on the route.

By selecting your airport of departure, your location of arrival and the preferred travel class, you can visualize the free baggage allowance for standard travelers, every JetPrivilege rank and infants, as well as the precise fees for any excess luggage (overweight, extra pieces, oversized) you might want to bring along.

For interline/codeshare journeys to/from the US and Canada, Jet Airways will honour the baggage policy of the First Marketing Carrier, which is the airline whose designator code is on the first flight segment of an interline/codeshare itinerary issued on a single ticket.

Carry-on Baggage

When travelling with Jet Airways, the carry-on allowance varies depending on whether the flight is domestic or international, as well as on the aircraft model.

FlightMaximum Dimensions
per Piece
Maximum Weight
Per Piece
of Pieces
DomesticATR50 x 45 x 20 cm
(19.5 x 17.6 x 8 in)
7 kg1 piece
Boeing55 x 35 x 25 cm
(21.7 x 13.7 x 10 in)
Première55 x 35 x 25 cm
(21.7 x 13.7 x 10 in)
10 kg
Flights from Srinagar and LehNo carry-on allowance

A trolley bag can be carried in the passenger cabin provided it meets the 115 cm / 45 in size limit. When travelling internationally, First class and Première passengers are allowed one foldable garment bag or laptop bag. When travelling within India, JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members and Première passengers are allowed one piece of cabin baggage weighing a maximum of 10 kg plus a laptop bag.

Jet Airways’ passengers are allowed to bring with them additional items, beside the standard carry-on allowance. Among these articles can be counted:

  • A lady’s pocketbook, purse or handbag.
  • A camera of small dimensions and/or binoculars.
  • An overcoat or blanket.
  • An infant carrying basket, as well as infant food for the flight.
  • A reasonable amount of reading material.
  • A walking stick or umbrella.
  • A fully collapsible wheelchair, a pair of crutches or other prosthetic devices.

At the airport counters, you can find contours that help you assess the size and weight of your hand baggage. Should the pre-established values be exceeded, you will have to check your baggage, and it will be transported in the cargo hold.

Checked Baggage

As a general rule, a single piece of checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm (62 in) (calculated as height + width + length).

When travelling on domestic routes, for every piece of checked baggage exceed 158 cm (62 in), a standard fee of 1000 INR will have to be paid at the check-in counters. In addition to this oversize charge, you may be required to pay other applicable fees, should your baggage exceed the weight limitations as well.

For international flights, any piece of checked baggage exceeding 158 cm is subject to an oversize charge of USD 150 per piece (except flights from London – GBP 150 per piece). Also, for flights from Dammam, any piece of checked baggage exceeding 42 in is subject to an additional fee of SAR 175.

A single piece of checked baggage carried by Jet Airways cannot exceed 32 kg (70 lbs). When the Piece Concept applies, the overweight charge for a piece weighing between 23 and 32 kg is USD 150 per piece.

When the Weight Concept applies, the excess baggage charge is 1.5% of the Economy one-way IATA fare if available or 1.5% of the highest, direct, adult, one-way, Economy class fare.

When the Piece Concept applies, the excess baggage charge USD 100 for the 2nd piece of checked baggage and USD 200 per piece starting with the 3rd piece of checked baggage.

Sporting equipment is exempt from the oversize charge. Standard excess/overweight baggage charges will apply to sporting equipment exceeding the free baggage allowance.

Baggage Services

Once you’ve acknowledged the disappearance of your bag, you must immediately contact Jet Airways and inform them of the situation, so they could start looking for it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can use your tracking number and monitor the status of your baggage recovery yourself. In order to do this, access the Baggage Tracer and enter your last name and file reference number.

You can apply for a reimbursement for some of the emergency expenses you might be forced to undergo because of the loss of your baggage (if the recovery of your bag takes more than a day). Since this reimbursement falls under restrictive policies, you must consult the Baggage Services staff for more information.

A constant stream of communication will be sustained between the airline and yourself for eventual updates. As soon as your bag will be located, it will undergo customs and quarantine regulations, and afterwards will reach your local address at a time convenient for you.

Occasionally, your baggage might suffer minor or major damage during sorting and handling at the airport, loading and unloading in and out of the plane, or on the conveyor belt. Minor damage that consists in normal wear and tear is not taken into consideration, and therefore not reimbursed. This is the case of checked baggage presenting:

  • Minor cuts, scratches or dents.
  • Broken wheels, handles or feet.
  • Broken fragile item wrongfully packed in the checked baggage.
  • Broken items packed in a bag unable to sustain certain pressure.
  • Damage caused by overloading your bag.
  • Loss of pull / security straps, or external locks.

On the other hand, if you notice major damage to your baggage, you must inform a Jet Airways representative or baggage agent before leaving the airport, in the airport hall. You’ll be required to fill in some paperwork, and the damage will be reported immediately.

Should Jet Airways be responsible for your baggage’s condition, repair costs will be fully covered by the airline, or otherwise they will arrange an immediate settlement.

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