Jet Airways flying with babies

How old should be my baby to be allowed on a Jet Airways flight?

Infants below 7 days old are not permitted travel on both domestic and international Jet Airways flights.

Does Jet Airways offer discount for infants?

Jet Airways offers a discounted Infant Fare, but no seat will be allocated for the infant:

  • For travel within India – a flat rate of INR 1280 per sector, plus taxes as applicable, irrespective of travel class.
  • For travel on international routes:
    • Economy – 10% of the basic fare (based on the fare type).
    • First Class and Première – 20% of the adult basic fare.
    • Applicable taxes, Airline Fuel Charges, and fees will be charged in addition to this fare.

You can book an additional seat for your infant and pay the Child Fare (up to 25% discount may apply) if you want to use a Child Restraint System (CRS).

Infant on Lap

When flying with Jet Airways, adults can carry only one infant on lap. Any additional infants, regardless of their age, must occupy a separate seat and be placed in a proper Child Restraint System.


When travelling with Jet Airways, baby bassinets can also be booked for infants weighing 11 kg (24.25 lbs) or less. They are available on international flights operated by Airbus 330s, Boeing 777-300ERs, and Boeing 737s, but only in Economy Class. However, their availability is limited, so you are advised to contact the airline in advance and make all the necessary arrangements.

During special circumstances, the initial aircraft set to serve a certain route can be changed. Should this happen after you booked your flight, two situations may occur:

  • If the new aircraft holds fewer bassinets, you might not receive the seat you have previously booked.
  • If the new aircraft has more baby bassinets, then the booked seat transition will be seamless.

Moreover, should you bring with you on the passenger cabin additional diapers for your baby, Jet Airways will provide for you a special diaper-changing table located in one of their lavatories. More information regarding this facility can be found by simply asking the flight crew members.

Infant Baggage

When travelling with an infant, in addition to your free carry-on allowance, infant food for consumption on the flight and an infant carrying basket may be carried in the passenger cabin. On international flights, the infant’s carrying basket may be substituted with one fully collapsible stroller.

The free checked baggage allowance for infants depends on the route:

  • Travel within India – no free baggage allowance.
  • Travel on international routes:
    • Piece Concept – 1 piece up to 23 kg.
    • Weight Concept – 10 kg.

Child Restraint Systems

A Child Restraint System (CRS) may be used during the flight, provided an additional seat has been booked for the infant. Due to safety reasons, Child Restraint Systems cannot be used for travel on ATR aircraft and in Première (on aircraft with herringbone seat configuration).

Using a Child Restraint System is mandatory for an infant (under the age of two years) occupying a seat and optional for a child 2 to 4 years of age. Jet Airways does not provide Child Restraint Systems, so it must be provided by the adult guest accompanying the infant.

The CRS must have specifications or labels indicating that the device is approved by FAA and suitable for aircraft use. Booster seats, belly loops, little cargo seats, vests or harness type devices are not accepted for use as infant or child restraint systems on Jet Airways flights.

The CRS must be properly installed, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, in the forward-facing aircraft seats and secured to a regular passenger seat at all times (if not, stored as carry-on baggage). The CRS cannot be placed on an exit row seat or on seats ahead of and behind the exit row.

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