Edelweiss Air check-in

How can I check in for my Edelweiss Air flight?

Edelweiss Air offers Online Check-in so that you can print out your own boarding pass and go straight through the security checks to the gate. Also, before arriving at Zurich airport, check-in for Edelweiss Air flights can be completed at the railway station.

How and when can I check in at the airport?

At the airport, you can check in at the desk or, if available, at the check-in machines. If you prefer to check in the night before when departing from Zurich or Geneva, you can check-in at the Edelweiss Air desk (open until 9.45 pm) starting from 23 hours before departure.

The recommended check-in and baggage drop-off time:

  • 90 minutes before departure for short-haul and medium-haul flights.
  • 120-180 minutes before departure for long-haul flights.

Even if you check in early, you should still be at passport control at least 1 hour before departure.

Online Check-in

You can check in online between 23 hours and 1 hour before departure. Online Check-in is available for Edelweiss Air flights departing from the following airports:

♦ Zurich♦ Colombo♦ Gran Canaria♦ Olbia (Sardinia)♦ San José (Costa Rica)
♦ Antalya♦ Dalaman♦ Havana♦ Orlando (Florida)♦ Seville
♦ Bodrum♦ Denver♦ Larnaca (Cyprus)♦ Palma de Mallorca♦ Skopje
♦ Buenos Aires♦ Dubrovnik♦ Las Vegas♦ Phuket♦ Split
♦ Cagliari♦ Edinburgh♦ Mahé (Seychelles)♦ Pula (Croatia)♦ Tampa Bay (Florida)
♦ Calgary♦ Eilat♦ Male (Maldives)♦ Punta Cana♦ Tenerife
♦ Cancun♦ Faro♦ Marrakech♦ Rio de Janeiro♦ Vancouver
♦ Cape Town♦ Fuerteventura♦ Mauritius♦ San Diego♦ Varadero

SBB Check-in and Baggage Collection Service

You can book this service until 8 pm two days before collection for any Edelweiss flight from Zurich. SBB will perform check-in for you and bring you the boarding pass. Your luggage will be collected from your address (anywhere in Switzerland, excluding car-free resorts) the day before your flight. Additional or overweight baggage (excess baggage) must be paid for with Edelweiss and registered for collection in advance. The service “Flight luggage door to foreign airport with check-in” costs CHF 40 flat rate plus CHF 22 per piece of baggage.

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