Calm Air Baggage and Carry-on

What is Calm Air policy on carry-on allowance?

Each fare-paying passenger has an allowance of 2 pieces of carry-on baggage. Having in mind the safety and comfort of all passengers, the Calm Air agents are in charge to enforce size, number, and weight restrictions of all the baggage you transport inside the cabin on Calm Air flights. Excessive amounts and oversized carry-on luggage might cause delays of the flights. In this sense, the airline asks you to please confirm your luggage allowance before your trip in order to avoid delays and possible extra baggage charges.

What is Calm Air policy on checked baggage?

When traveling on Calm Air flights, the number, size, and weight of the baggage pieces you may check for free is limited to a free luggage allowance. If your baggage goes beyond this free allowance, for example, if your pieces are too big, too heavy or you want to check too many, you will be charged an additional baggage fee and/or might be required to ship some of your luggage pieces as cargo.

Make sure each piece of luggage, including cabin baggage is noticeably marked with your name, your address and your telephone numbers. It is as well a good idea to include all this information also inside your luggage, in the case that the outside labels are torn or become unreadable. Luggage tags are provided to you at the airline airport counters.


The airline has the following guidelines regarding carry-on baggage:

  • Each passenger who pays a fare is allowed to travel with two pieces of hand baggage.
  • The combined weight of these two pieces must not exceed 20 lbs (9 kg).
  • The combined dimensions (L x W x H) must not surpass 10 x 16 x 12 in (25 x 40 x 30 cm).
  • All pieces should be properly packed and placed under the aircraft seat or in the overhead storage bin.
  • Devices for measuring the size of the carry-on pieces are available at the airports so you can ensure your carry-on luggage has an allowable size.

Hand baggage items may include handbags and smaller suitcases, which include handles and wheels in the size measurement, laptop computers, briefcases, camera bags, diaper bags, and other items alike. Depending on the space available, additional items might be allowed inside the cabin such as:

  • Coats, small cameras, and purses which have the dimension of 10 x 12 x 8 in or less.
  • Newspapers. books, magazines (i.e. a reasonable amount of reading material for its use during the flight).
  • An approved child or baby restraint device, baby food for the in-flight consumption.
  • An urn, a cane.

Checked Baggage

Calm Air offers a free baggage allowance to all passengers who pay a fare, which includes valet items and depends on flight number:

  • Flight numbers 100 to 199 – 2 pieces of baggage with a combined weight up to 70 lbs (32 kg).
  • Flight numbers 200 to 399 – 3 pieces of baggage with a combined weight up to 120 lbs (54 kg).
  • On all flights, each piece of checked baggage must  comply  with  size  and  weight  restrictions: up to 50 lbs (23 kg) and 62 inches (158 cm – L+W+H) each.

Individual pieces that exceed one of the following restrictions will not be permitted as checked luggage and will have to be shipped as cargo:

  • 70 lbs (32 kg) in weight.
  • 115 inches (292 cm) in total linear dimensions.
  • 80 inches (203 cm) in length.

Valet Service

For the convenience of its passengers, Calm Air offers this service on select flights. The Valet Service, known also as the carry-out service, permits a passenger to access their valet piece of baggage until the point of boarding the airplane and immediately after deplaning, but please notice that this luggage is stored in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. In this way, the airline can provide more legroom per passengers during the flights. All valet items must be presented for tagging and weighing at check-in and should not exceed standard hand baggage limitations for size and weight.

The valet piece and its correspondent weight will be included in the passenger’s free checked baggage allowance. This service is not available in the station North of Churchill, and is subject to the kind of aircraft which operates the flight.

Excess Baggage

The luggage that surpasses the airline’s baggage allowance by being too heavy, too big or consisting in too many pieces, will be assessed an extra baggage fee and will be subject to availability of weight and space.

The maximum pooled weight of all pieces admitted as checked luggage is:

  • Flight numbers 100 to 199 – 100 lbs (45 kg) per fare-paying passenger; that is, 70 lbs for free plus 30 lbs of excess weight.
  • Flight numbers 200 to 399 – 140 lbs (64 kg) per fare-paying passenger; that is, 120 lbs for free plus 20 lbs of excess weight.
  • If the pieces surpass this weight, they will be shipped as cargo.

The possible extra charges within piece limit are the following:

  • Overweight (51- 70 lbs) or oversized (62 to 115 in) – $26.25 CAD.
  • Oversized and overweight – $52.50 CAD.

The possible extra charges for the third and following pieces are the following:

  • Within weight and size limits – $78.75 CAD.
  • Overweight (51- 70 lbs) or oversized (62 to 115 in) – $105.00 CAD.
  • Oversized and overweight – $131.25 CAD.

Sports Equipment

Any of the following sports items may be substituted for one of your free checked pieces, provided it fits within the weight and size restrictions (50 lbs and 62 linear inches): archery equipment, fishing equipment, golf clubs, hockey equipment, skis (snow or water), and snowboards.

Bicycles are carried as excess baggage, subject to availability of space and weight on the aircraft. These will always be subject to a fee of $26.25 CAD and will only be accepted with a “Limited Release” form signed at check-in, releasing Calm Air of liability. Canoes, hang gliders, kayaks, luges, pole vaults and windsurfing boards are not accepted as baggage.

The airline has some considerations and advice regarding the baggage transported for all passengers:

  • Please get rid of all old airline labels from your baggage.
  • Keep all medicines and high value items like jewelry, cameras, electronic devices, cash, personal identification and credit cards with you in your hand baggage.
  • It is suggested that you pack your camera film in your cabin baggage as new screening device used by CATSA might damage this kind of electronics if they are packed in checked luggage, although it is not dangerous to digital disks.
  • Maintain all loose handles, straps and hooks closed firmly and, if possible, remove them. These can hook on conveyors and belt loaders, which can cause damage to your luggage or that of other passengers.
  • Do not wrap bungee strings, straps or ties around baggage.
  • If you lock your baggage, please notice that Calm Air is not responsible for any damage subsequent from any security actions taken by CATSA or Transport Canada.
  • Keep a list of your packed items and also of their estimated value at home. Report any damaged, missing or delayed items to the airline’s agents before you leave the airport, or at least within 24 hours after arrival.
  • The security personnel at the airport require that all gifts are unwrapped and, therefore, available for examination. If you are carrying a wrapped gift, it will be better to pack it in your checked luggage.
  • The airline is not able to interline your luggage to another airline. If you need to transfer it to or from another carrier, it will be convenient for you to allow enough time to collect your belongings and check them in again with the correspondent carrier.

Baggage Services

Delayed baggage

Passengers, whose luggage is delayed, should immediately report this fact to a Customer Service Agent in the airport within one hour of arrival. Assisted by the agent, the passenger will fill a delayed baggage report. Then, a search will begin, and the passenger will be notified about the status of the search.

Overnight toiletry kits are available for passengers away from home and who do not have those items. Since extra baggage items are allowed subject to availability of weight and space, the airline assumes no responsibility for a delay in the arrival of these pieces.

Damaged Baggage

Passengers whose luggage has been damaged, must report this to the Customer Service Agent upon arrival or within 7 days of arrival. The agent will help the passenger to complete a damaged luggage document, will need to evaluate the damaged piece and will report the situation straightaway.

Baggage Liability

Calm Air’s maximum responsibility per incident, per passenger for delayed, lost or damaged luggage is $2,100.00 CAD.

It is good to know that Calm Air does not reimburse for the following:

  • Scuffs, zippers, scratches, dents, nicks, missing straps, clips and exterior tube handles, or comparable damage attributable to regular wear and tear.
  • Damage resultant from spillage of stowed items in your or another passenger’s luggage.
  • Harm resulting from manufacturing imperfections of the piece of baggage.
  • Damage consequential of a bag being overweight or over packed
  • Damage to other kind of containers like plastic tubs, bins or similar articles not considered baggage.
  • Spoilage of any meat or grocery items, in general for any perishable item.

Calm Air will assume no liability for, but not limited to, valuable, fragile or perishable items that include: credit cards, money, jewelry, videos, cameras and electronic equipment, computers, cellular phones, chinaware, ceramics or pottery, silverware, glass, negotiable papers, manuscripts, business documents, samples, food, liquids, prescription drugs and other perishables; musical instruments, trophies and sporting goods, photographs, negatives, maps, historical documents, paintings, antiques, furs, manuscripts or similar items.

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