Bulgarian Air Charter flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet in the passenger cabin?

Bulgarian Air Charter allows only cats and dogs to travel in the cabin, as long as all the required documents are available. The pet must be transported in a box suitable for transportation of animals (with ventilation, waterproof, lockable) with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 23 cm. The combined weight of the pet and its box must not exceed 8 kg.

In the interest of all passengers on board, Bulgarian Air Charter allows only a limited number of pets in the passenger cabin. Bulgarian Air Charter allows pets to travel free of charge on all its flights, as long as all the restrictions are being met. All you have to do is to register your pet for transportation at least 48 hours before take-off.

Can I transport my pet as checked baggage?

Dogs and cats that together with the box weigh over 8 kg and birds, rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs can be transported in boxes/cages in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. Pets traveling as checked baggage on Bulgarian Air Charter flights should be transported in standard pet carriers depending on the size of the animal and suitable for transportation aboard aircraft. Please contact the airline for additional information regarding the transportation of pets as checked baggage.

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