Bulgarian Air Charter Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance?

Please contact Bulgarian Air Charter or your tour operator for information regarding the restrictions that apply to hand baggage.

What is the checked baggage allowance?

On all Bulgarian Air Charter flights, the amount of baggage covered by the ticket price is up to 25 kg per passenger, including children/infants.

Excess Baggage

When the free baggage allowance is exceeded, a fee of EUR 3 per kg applies. For last minute information about excess fees, please contact your tour operator or the airline.

Sports Equipment

Bulgarian Air Charter allows its passengers to carry one set of the sports equipment listed below for free, as long as the weight is below 20 kg. Subsequent sports equipment shall be charged in compliance with the excess baggage tariff of EUR 3 per kg.

Sports EquipmentPrior Registration
Golf equipment, bicycles, diving equipment, sailboard, surfboard, skydiving
equipment (max. length 3.5 m), paraglider, skis (pair), snowboard, foldable boats
Funboards or bodyboards (max. weight 3 kg), kickboardsNo

For more information on the restrictions that may apply to such items, please contact your tour operator or the airline.

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