History of Bulgarian Air Charter

  • In June 2000, Bulgarian Air Charter was founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aviation Service Group. Its operating bases are Varna and Burgas (the two Bulgarian Black Sea airports) and Sofia Plovdiv (in the winter).
  • On December 14, 2000, Bulgarian Air Charter started operations with a fleet of 5 Tupolev Tu-154. The airline operates commercial flights for the transportation of passengers, cargo and mail to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.
  • Since 2000, Bulgarian Air Charter mainly operates charter flights based on contracts with several tour operators such as Aerostar, Balkania Air Tours, DER Touristik, Flying Carpet, Mistral Air, Orostours, Ramsis Travel, Schauinsland Reisen, Thomas Cook, etc. to destinations mostly in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, Israel, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and other European countries.
  • In 2004, Bulgarian Air Charter retired the Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft, replacing them with seven McDonnell Douglas MD-80.
  • In 2010, Bulgarian Air Charter acquired eight MD-82s from Alitalia. By 2011, the Bulgarian Air Charter fleet had grown to 12 MD-82s.
  • In 2015, with 10 McDonnell Douglas MD-82, Bulgarian Air Charter is the largest remaining McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series operator in Europe.
  • In 2017, a seventh Airbus A320 aircraft was added to the Bulgarian Air Charter fleet.
  • In 2018, Bulgarian Air Charter works with well-known tour operators such as Aerostar, Alltours, Coral Travel Poland, DER Touristik, Flying Carpet, FTI Touristik, Schauinsland Reisen, Thomas Cook, TUI, Vtours.
  • No fatal accidents involving Bulgarian Air Charter were registered so far.