AnadoluJet flying with babies

How soon after birth can I travel with my baby?

In the first week after birth, babies can not travel with AnadoluJet unless there is a special case concerning their health. Babies with health problems can only travel at least 48 hours after birth and with a written doctor’s report.

Do I really need to reserve a seat for my baby when flying with AnadoluJet?

Babies aged up to 2 years can travel on lap. As long as you have a proper restraint device, you can always choose to purchase a seat for your baby. Please contact AnadoluJet to get information regarding the car seats approved for use aboard its aircraft.

In accordance with the flight safety procedures, an adult can only travel with one baby on lap. If you travel with two babies, you should purchase a child ticket for the second baby. For this second baby, you will be asked to either bring a baby car seat or request an escort hostess.

Traveling with Infants

A fixed price of TRY 34 one-way per direct flight, TRY 39 one-way per connecting flights, is charged for babies not occupying a seat. For Economy Flex fares (A, B, M, H, S, E, O, Q, T, V, L), children between the ages of 2 and 12 have a 10% discount. Also, a family discount of 10% is applied when at least 3 and at most 9 passengers with the same surname are listed on the same reservation. No children discount is applied for Economy Promotion fares (F, P, U, V, W).

Infants have a free baggage allowance of 10 kg, and pushchairs are carried free of charge. Pushchairs that can be taken into the cabin (70 x 30 cm) are tagged at check-in, and those that are not allowed in the cabin are handled as checked baggage.

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