AnadoluJet Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance?

You  are  allowed  to  carry  only  one  carry-on  bag  on  board  with  maximum dimensions of 23 x 40 x 55 cm and maximum weight of 8 kg. A garment bag measuring maximum 114 x 60 x 11 cm is considered as cabin baggage.

Besides your carry-on bag, the following items are considered as personal items and are carried free of charge: handbag, photo/mini camera, tablet, laptop, bag-type baby stroller (max. 70 x 30 cm), umbrella (except sharp pointed).

What is the checked baggage allowance?

The free baggage allowance for AnadoluJet passengers is 15 kg, except flights to/from Ercan (Lefkosa) Airport on which the free baggage allowance is 20 kg. If your luggage exceeds this limit, an excess baggage fee must be paid.

The weight of one piece of baggage cannot exceed 32 kg, and the maximum sum of width, length, and height must be 158 cm.


Labels with your name and address must be attached both to the inside and outside of your carry-on baggage. AnadoluJet check-in staff will check and label the carry-on baggage. If you complete your check-in online or at a Self-Check-in Kiosk, you can get your cabin baggage checked and labeled from AnadoluJet staff at the boarding gate. Carry-on bags without labels are not allowed in the aircraft cabin.

If the dimensions and/or weight of the personal items exceed the hand baggage limits, then those are considered as hand baggage.

If the hand baggage exceeds the weight limit, the excess baggage fee for the excess weight (actual weight – 8 kg) will be charged, and the baggage transported in the cargo compartment.

If the hand baggage exceeds the size limits, the excess baggage fee for the actual weight of the carry-on bag will be charged, and the baggage transported in the cargo compartment.

Excess Baggage & Sports Equipment

The excess baggage fee is:

  • 8 TRY per kg for direct flights
  • 10 TRY per kg for connecting flights.

AnadoluJet will charge a transportation fee for all sports equipment:

  • 10 TRY – ski, snowboard.
  • 30 TRY – golf, scuba diving.
  • 50 TRY – bicycle, surfboard, canoe, rafting, inflatable boat, camping, parachute, hockey, undefined equipment.

Extra allowance for Excess Baggage and Sports Equipment can be purchased online, from the AnadoluJet website or mobile app, up to 2 hours before the flight.

You can only choose one type of baggage at a time. For instance, after finishing the payment process for Excess Baggage Allowance, you can start over and purchase Sports Equipment. However, Excess Baggage Allowance (5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg or 20 kg) can be purchased only once, and it is not available for infants. To purchase excess baggage in addition to the previously purchased Excess Baggage Allowance, you must contact a sales office or go to an AnadoluJet counter at the airport.

Extra allowance for Excess Baggage and Sports Equipment can be purchased in one operation for round-trip flights, the same (type, weight, or amount) on both flights, or separately for departure flight and return flight if you want to make different selections for each flight.

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