Air Inuit flying with pets

What is Air Inuit policy on pet acceptance?

Air Inuit does not allow pets and animals in general in the cabin, because of the chance of allergic reactions that other passengers could possibly present. This with the exception of Service Animals required for passengers who have special needs.

Pets are accepted as checked baggage.

Which pets are allowed to travel on Air Inuit flights?

The airline permits to transport live animals, such as cats, dogs, ferrets, hamsters, which will be admitted for transportation in the luggage compartment only.

Which are the limits regarding pets carried on Air Inuit flights?

The restrictions that passengers have to bear in mind at the time of thinking of transporting a living animal are the following:

  • All kennels will be subject to authorization by Air Inuit personnel at the time of check-in.
  • The airline will not be liable in the case of injury, loss, sickness, delay or, in the worst-case, death of any animal accepted for transportation.
  • The number of animals permitted per each flight is restricted, due to space matters.

If you require transporting animals that are of an unusual size, please contact the airline’s cargo services in order to make compulsory preparations.

Pets in the Hold

Live animals will be admitted for transportation in the luggage compartment only, as long as the following conditions of acceptance are met:

  • Arrangements with Air Inuit in order to transport your pet need to be made at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight’s departure date and time.
  • Only one pet per container is allowed to be transported.
  • The animal carried must be odorless, inoffensive and harmless, and should not require any attention while in transit.
  • Air Inuit will only admit rigid plastic containers having a limit of only one pet per cage. Cages built in a metallic material will be rejected. An appropriate rigid plastic container is one that is:
    • Big enough to permit the pet to turn around and stand up.
    • Leak proof.
    • Fitted out with a safe closing device.
  • Containers must not have a grid big enough to permit the animal to have its muzzle out of it.
  • The passenger and owner of the pet must make all preparations and undertake complete responsibility for meeting the terms with any pertinent laws.


Your pet and its container will be accepted as checked baggage and will not be part of the free luggage allowance. Therefore, animals will always be subject to an additional baggage fee:

  • For a combined weight of the pet and its cage of a maximum 22 kg (49 lbs), the charge is $100 CAD ($105 – $114.98 CAD, including taxes).
  • For a combined weight of the pet and its cage between 23 kg and 45 kg (50-100 lbs), the applicable fee is $150 CAD ($157.50 – $172.46 CAD, including taxes).
  • For a combined weight of the pet and its cage that is over 45 kg (100 lbs), the charge is $225 CAD ($236.25 – $258.69 CAD, including taxes).

Service Animals

Air Inuit accepts for transportation in the passenger cabin and without any charge accompanied Service Animals, which are certified and specially trained. Air Inuit divides these pets in the following classifications:

  • Dogs used for search and rescue tasks.
  • An animal required to give assistance to a person with an incapacity on condition that the animal is appropriately harnessed and certified as having been skilled at a specialized service animal organization. This type of animal will be allowed to go together with the passenger with a disability inside the passenger cabin and to remain on the aircraft floor at the passenger’s feet. In order to provide safety and comfort to all the other passengers, the airline’s staff, previously consulting with the person with incapacity, will define where this person and his or her Service Animal will be seated.

Service Animals do not need a muzzle. Air Inuit will not be liable in case of any of these animals is rejected to entry into or pass through a determined country. Except as might otherwise is provided for, the airline will not assume any responsibility in the event of sickness, injury, or death of a service animal.

Air Inuit does not accept Emotional Support Animals.

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