Air Inuit minors flying alone

Does Air Inuit offer services for children traveling alone?

Air Inuit treats as Unaccompanied Minors all children between 5 and 11 years old who are traveling alone or without any companion. Understanding the possible risks of this fact, Air Inuit personnel will be responsible for assistance at the airport, on board the aircraft and at connecting stations, if required (online connections only), in order to ensure the minor’s safety and well-being during the course of the entire trip. Minors traveling alone are taken care of beginning at the check-in until an authorized person arrives at the destination airport in order to pick the child up.

Which are the age limitations for minors traveling alone on Air Inuit flights?

The first restriction for children traveling alone is that they must be between the ages of 5 and 11 years and they should be registered as Unaccompanied Minors. Air Inuit defines that a child is alone if he or she is not accompanied by a passenger who is 12 years old or older. These minors traveling by themselves are allowed for transportation, only if the following conditions are met:

  • Minors who are under 5 years of age are not accepted under any situation.
  • The child must be taken to the departure airport by a parent or any person who is a responsible adult. This person must remain with the minor until boarding and should provide the airline with adequate evidence about the fact that the kid will be picked up by the other parent or any responsible adult when the flight arrives at its final destination.
  • Children between the ages of 5 and 11 years, inclusively, who are not in the company of a passenger older than 12 years will need to pay the charges related to the child fare, in compliance with the Children and Infants discount, plus a supplementary charge for Unaccompanied Minor service.

Unaccompanied Minor (UM) Service

Unaccompanied children are attended from check-in till they meet the person who is waiting for them at their final destination of the trip. A distinctive UM handling tag must be filled out while making the check-in process, which needs to be carried by the minor at all times while he or she is under the airline’s care.

In order to make travel preparations for unaccompanied children, you must contact Air Inuit reservations; at Air Inuit, customer pleasure is one of the top priorities, so if you require assistance booking a flight for an Unaccompanied Minor or would like to know more about any of its specific services, you can contact the airline by email, phone or fax. Air Inuit will not take responsibility of any guardianship or financial responsibility for unaccompanied minors beyond those pertinent to a regular adult passenger.


Unaccompanied Minor will be charged the child fare, which is based on the Flex Fare. It is important that the transportation of an Unaccompanied Minor is declared when making the reservation. The service provided involves a supervision charge. The price of the ticket for an Unaccompanied Minor who is between 5 and 11 years old, inclusively, is only 50% of the Flex Fare plus the Unaccompanied Minor supervision fee of $50 CAD ($52.50 – $57.49 CAD including taxes).

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