Air Inuit check-in

How can I check in for an Air Inuit flight?

In order to make the check-in process, Air Inuit has the following options before or after arriving at the airport:

  • Web Check-in.
  • Air Inuit Counter Check-in.

When must I check in for my Air Inuit flight?

Air Inuit strongly recommends passengers to arrive at the airport considerably in advance before the flight’s departure scheduled time. This is important for you to have enough time in order to do the check-in process, drop off the baggage and go through the security controls with no rush. With the aim of respecting flight schedules, passengers must take into account the content that is presented below to notice how long beforehand they have to check in and board:

  • At Montreal – Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Quebec City – Jean Lesage Airport:
    • Suggested check-in time – 90 minutes before departure.
    • Check-in deadline – 45 minutes before departure.
  • At all other airports:
    • Suggested check-in time – 60 minutes before departure.
    • Check-in deadline – 30 minutes before departure, except at Inukjuak, Kuujjuaq, Kuujjuarapik, Sept-Îles, and Puvirnituq airports – 45 minutes before departure for flights operated by Boeing B737 and Dash 8 aircraft.

If passengers arrive at the airline counter after the times specified, boarding might be denied. Air Inuit clearly states that it is not responsible in case of missed flights, missed transfers, or any other type of consequences because of a late arrival of passengers at the boarding gate.

Another important point to know is that the airline reserves the right and is enforced by law to reject passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to the airline’s personnel determination; this is for the safety of the entire flight and welfare of the rest of the passengers.

Web Check-in

This option is now available up to 18 hours before your scheduled departure for passengers who want to make the check-in process via web. The first page shown is the one that asks your personal identification. In this part, you will need to provide the 13-digit electronic ticket number or booking reference and first and last name, and also some of the flight’s details (flight date and departure airport). Then, you will be asked to introduce your personal information, and, at the end, you can print out the boarding pass. If you are traveling with baggage, you will need to go to an Air Inuit counter in order to check your luggage, but if you are traveling only with hand baggage, you can go to the boarding gate through the security control points with your already printed boarding pass and your personal identification documents.

Air Inuit Counter Check-in

Passengers should respect the specified times to show up at the airport before the scheduled departure time, which the airline recommends in order to make the check-in process using this option.

Passengers can do the check-in process at an Air Inuit counter by basically presenting an electronic ticket, a reservation number and a photo ID. The documentation needed is very important to consider before arriving to the airport, so make certain that you have all the appropriate travel documents and identification, which are mandatory by law. If you do not have all of that, you will not be permitted to board the flight.

It is essential that all passengers present one of the following documents before boarding the aircraft:

  • One piece of a valid photo ID issued by the government of your country of origin; this must have your name, gender and date of birth, or
  • Two pieces of a valid ID without a photo, issued by the government of your country of origin; one of these ID’s should indicate your name, gender and date of birth.

Examples of valid documents required in order to make the check-in process are the following: citizenship card, passport, driver’s license, provincial healthcare card, permanent-resident card, certificate of birth, territorial or provincial identification cards.

It is imperative to notice that the name on the presented ID must exactly coincide with the name that appears in your boarding pass. If there would be any difference, this fact might cause the refusal of the airline for you to board the flight.

Cancellations and Delays

Air Inuit does its best in order to bring passengers to their final destination, in the safest way and on time. Nevertheless, in counted occasions, weather conditions may change suddenly and without any warning, and this fact might prevent the airline to depart according to the previous planning.

In the case of a delay, change of any part of a flight or cancellation because of unfavorable weather conditions, the airline will proceed in either one of the following options. It may transport the passengers to their final destination on a different flight that is available depending on the space offered, this without any additional cost. Air Inuit also may redefine the route of the passengers in order to transport them to the nearest destination, transfer or stopover point specified in the passenger’s ticket, this also at no extra cost. The airline may refund the ticket price as well, depending on the specific case and situation.

It is important for passengers to know that if the delay or cancellation of a flight is caused by critical weather conditions, Air Inuit will not provide to the passengers affected by this type of situation any other service like ground transportation, meals or accommodation.

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