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FromLondon Gatwick
ToDalaman - Dalaman (DLM)
Delayed flight. MT560 - May 02 - 2019 Constant incorrect information in the airport when TCook new well the flight was delayed from 3.25pm until 19.00. They new where our plane was at 2.30pm. I have proof. Only when I sent a tweet was I told the truth. Booked their Premium Economy - but never again. On board - Dreadful legroom. Pay extra for an Exit seat. Constant queues for the toilet.
The food service was atrocious - many of us in Premium Economy were not even on the list for a meal. My wife was offered Cheese and Biscuits. It is NOT Premium Economy in the true sense. No entertainment. I have flown with TC for 10 years always paying extra for an Exit Seat but sadly, in my opinion, this airline has deteriorated in the last 3 years. Charge more, offer a better service. EG; Turkish Airlines - yes, they are scheduled flights via Istanbul but pricing is as competative and the whole on board experience is far superior - good food, own screens, films to choose from.
Regretably I have 2 more flights booked with TC but the last one will be with Turkish Airlines. Being treated like cattle is no longer acceptable to me.
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FromDerby - East Midlands (EMA)
ToLas Palmas - Gran Canaria (LPA)
These were good seats, not too close to any of the toilets, so nobody standing in the aisle near to you. The wings are in front, so a good view of the ground on a clear day. I liked the fact that the seats did not recline, although not comfortable for sleeping, it did stop the person in front invading valuable space
Would have been nice to have had some entertainment as this was a four hour journey.
Not impressed with the pre-paid meal, it was very basic and on the way back the pasta was burnt on the bottom.
The air stewardesses were not very friendly, and had no compassion for a four year old crying because he desperately needed the toilet through the journey and the seat belt sign was on for well over an hour and a half. There was little turbulence at the time and in the end we had to ignore her apathy of the situation and just take him. it did feel like they had a job to do and passengers were not a priority unless they were spending money.
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FromNewcastle - Newcastle Airport (NCL)
ToTenerife - Sur Reina Sofia (TFS)
Did a return to and from above ,very surprised at the experience.Flown with Tcx before on their old 757s,this a321 was far superior.Not quite as much room as on jet2 but not far off.Both ways aircraft clean and both crews were good ,not to pushy in selling like other charter carriers.Food selection not extensive but not to bad.No drop down maps like on other 321s,good information from flight deck out going,not to much on return.Both flights a little late take off but arrived near enough on time.Seats could do with a little more padding the seats in front do not stop you from getting a decent stretch.Prices of goods average with prompt service from both crews.The four and half duration is about my limit,but we would not hesitate to use Thomas Cook again and their prices compared to other carriers are very good
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ToBirmingham - Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
Dreadful seat so cramped to get in and out I had to face inwards and hold the backs of my row of seats - not enough room to stand up. The holder on the drinks tray was so shallow as to be completely useless and the slightest turbulence upset what could be hot drinks. The tray failed to go flat as it was wedged onto my tummy and still slanted making eating from it impossible! Who on earth designs these things as with the correct hinges there was plenty of room to make the tray workable. No one can have tested this seating when it was purchased and ..... tHIS PLANE WAS BRAND NEW!
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FromGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
ToArrecife - Lanzarote (ACE)
loved these seats , was wary because they were beside the toilets but no need as the toilets were kept spotless and smelling sweet. although 2 seats there were 3 trays which was very handy as i pulled the outside / aisle tray down from the row in front and this meant when people waited for the toilets they were not standing nearly on top of me. would defo book these seats again also after priority boarding they are among the first set of rows onboard , first to be served meals / drinks.
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FromGlasgow - Glasgow International (GLA)
ToZakinthos - Zakinthos International Airport (ZTH)
We flew with Thomas cook and reserved seats as I thought they would be more spacious however;;
Seats are situated next to an exit and have nearly 3" less width and I became very uncomfortable after less than an hour into our flight.
Eating was near impossible we resorted to putting centre armrest up which helped a little but to be honest won't be reserving these seats again.
Hope this helps
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ToPuerto del Rosario-Fuerteventura (FUE)
We had pre-booked seats, but because of illness, we were kindly move on us. Was sandwiched between two sweaty men in larger size that was already inebriated when start.6 hours of torment. The place was narrow. Could not even have legs in a comfortable position.
Traveled regularly back. Never more this cow transport.
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FromManchester - Manchester (MAN)
ToLas Palmas - Gran Canaria (LPA)
I was thankful that my flight was a little over 4 hrs the seat had very little room. Being over 6 feet tall the space between my seat and the one in front was far too small my knees were catching it. This coupled with the late departure didn't help.
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Nice plane! a little short on legspace! but okay, I´m currently 187cm. so most people might not the same problem, luckily I flew with my 2 small children, so I nicked some of their legspace! ;-)
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ToBirmingham - Birmingham International Airport (BHX)
Very pleasant flight I’m quite short so seat was ok but did feel a little cramped trying to enjoy coffee and biscuits! No issues during flight air feel pleasant and cool
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