Thomas Cook Airlines flying with babies

Does Thomas Cook Airlines UK offer discounts for babies and children?

No discount is offered for children who are 2 years of age or over on the day of the return flight (last flight sector). Children pay the full adult fare as they are required to occupy a seat.

For children under 2 years of age booked as infants (no separate seat), Thomas Cook Airlines UK will charge 10% of the adult fare. If a seat is booked for the infant, the full adult fare is applicable.

Infants between 48 hours and 14 days old are permitted to travel on Thomas Cook Airlines UK flights only if they have a fit to fly certificate from their doctor, and the certificate is provided on request.

What is Thomas Cook Airlines UK policy on infant car seats used on board?

On Thomas Cook Airlines UK flights, infants may travel in a car seat provided that a seat has been booked for the infant. When an infant car seat will be used during flight, Pre-Flight Services for Thomas Cook Airlines UK must be notified to discuss the regulations with regard to car seats.

Thomas Cook Airlines UK does not provide infant car seats. The car seat, which must be of rigid construction and able to be secured in the aircraft seat facing forward and according to the manufacturer’s instructions, must be provided by the adult passenger traveling with the infant. The car/child seat must be approved for air transport and marked accordingly and fit between the armrests of the aircraft seat.

Infant Baggage

Because infants do not have a hand baggage allowance, infant items (e.g. baby milk, diapers) must be carried in the adult passenger’s hand baggage. Milk must be within clear bottles and tasted when passing through security.

On any flight, infants receive a free baggage allowance of 10 kg. Provided that the flight is operated by Thomas Cook Airlines UK, you should know that the allowance is provided automatically even if it is not shown on the ticket. When the Weight Concept applies, the infant’s baggage can be carried in a separate suitcase, or can be combined with the baggage allowance (free or pre-booked) of other passengers on the same booking.

The 10 kg baggage allowance does not apply if a seat on the aircraft has been booked for the infant. In this case, hold baggage must be purchased separately, but the infant receives a hand baggage allowance, the same amount of hand baggage as an adult.

When traveling with a child, any two of the following items will be transported free of charge:

  • A pushchair/stroller/buggy (If required, it can be taken right up to the aircraft. The cabin crew will take the pushchair and store it in the hold, and, once you arrive at your destination, it can be collected at the baggage reclaim area).
  • A car seat, which must be checked into the hold unless a seat has been booked for the infant and it must be used onboard.
  • A travel cot (checked into the hold).

If the 10 kg free baggage allowance is not used, then all three items will be carried free of charge. If all three items along with the 10 kg free baggage allowance are required, Thomas Cook Airlines UK will charge excess baggage fees for the third item.

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