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Economy Class31-33"168

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FromMiami - Miami International Airport (MIA)
ToManaus - Eduardo Gomes Intl (MAO)
We were on a very well organized charter arranged by Ponant, the French cruise line, to transport passengers to an embarkation in Manaus, Brazil on Dec 7, 2018. The plane was set up in an all-coach configuration, but the seats were in good condition, and the cabin clean and well lit. My wife was in 29A and 29B was not occupied, which helped. The flight left and arrived on time. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful, and the meal (which included red and white wine) was good. I've read a number of unfavorable reviews of Miami Air, but my experience was quite favorable. (NOTE - there was no entertainment on this flight. 3 stars are listed below because I am required by this website to answer every question.)
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FromSacramento, CA - Sacramento International (SMF)
ToIxtapa/Zihuatanejo - Internacional (ZIH)

Ho tiel tre malbona aviadilo. Estis tre multekosta a?eti ?i tiun bileton de biletoj kaj mono ne valoris. Ne estis man?a?o nek trinka?o, nek e? pagis man?a?ojn kaj trinkojn nek man?a?ojn. Alia problemo estas, ke vi ankora? devas pagi vian sidlokon, kiel sur Spirito, sed la aerolínea (fakte, la voja?agentejo) elektas, kie vi sidas kaj vi ne havas enigon. Mi akuzis $ 300 por meza sidloko en la lasta vico. Senpremaj. La ban?ambro eble flugis, ?i odoris aviadilon. Se vi ne haltis, ne estis entretenimiento, nek wifi, nenio. Do frenezi?is ?e Vinaco voja?ado (review is in the global language of Esperanto)
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2.5 of 5
FromLansing - Capital City (LAN)
ToCancun - Cancún International (CUN)
Was overcharged forseat ,,a cording t apple tours it was a 35.00 upgrade she charged us 90.00,,, could not run credit because her machine did not work,, wrote all my credit card info on a paper ????? Ompletly dissatisfied with service ,,this is the 5th time we have used you ?????
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