Seat Map Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing B777 200ER W61/W62

Seat map for Japan Airlines (JAL) Boeing B777 200ER W61/W62

Seating details

Business Class42
Premium Economy40
Economy Class154

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FromRichmond-Vancouver Intl(YVR)
ToTokyo-New Tokyo International Airport(NRT)
I was on row 45C which is Emergency exit seat.
Seat pitch was bigger than other economy seats, however the overhead bin on above 45 was used for emergency equipments so i had to put my stuff on other bin.
the overhead bin on side of 45 (HJK) were available for passengers.
Also, there are no window on 45A and 45K and seat pitch are smaller than BC/HJ due to the emergency exit door (Slide Compartment)
I think best seats on this configuration are 45H and 45J.

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