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Seat map for Continental Airlines Boeing B737 800 (14/141)

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4 of 5
FromHouston-George Bush Intercontinental(IAH)
ToCaracas-Simon Bolivar International Airport(CCS)
Overall, I was not impressed by CO's first class service. At the airport, I was told that my bag was over 50lbs and that I need to take some items out of the suitcase and put them into the handbag. Excuse my ignorance, but doesn't this leave the same net weight on the aircraft in the end?? Otherwise, check in was speedy as this is one of the last flights of the evening to fly out of CCS. The CO lounge at IAH is fine, with plenty of room at that time of night, although I am constantly frustrated that in US lounges, premium passengers are expected to pay for their drinks and refreshments when in Maple Leaf lounges, these are complimentary.

In any event, the flight back to Caracas was fine. The seat did not seem to have as much pitch as the emergency exit (14C) that I sat at on the way back. Overall, I didn't find the first class product terribly good value for money. In the future, I will probably go with buying the cheapest economy ticket I can with CO and then "upgrading" to the emergency exit row.
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FromCaracas-Simon Bolivar International Airport(CCS)
ToHouston-George Bush Intercontinental(IAH)
This was my first time flying out of CCS on Continental and overall I was pleasantly surprised. Being Easter week, it was a full house onboard. I had the foresight to pay the extra $90 to reserve 14C, which had plenty of legroom as well as recline. Beware: row 12 is cheaper to reserve but has no recline. While the flight was full, the cabin crew were quite firm with other passengers who wanted to sit in the empty seats: those were premium seats that required pre-booking. I thus had the row to myself which allowed me to spread out a bit. In fact, I think I enjoyed this seat more than my business class seat on the way back to Caracas. The only drawback is that there is not AVOD system yet. Hopefully CO will retrofit their fleet with this soon.
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