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Seating details

Business Premier79.5" 22"26
Premium Economy41"18.5"40
Economy Skycouch33"17.8"54

General presentation

There are two Boeing 777-200’s in Air New Zealand’s fleet but they ordered another 6 in the year 2005. These planes hold 313 passengers, 26 in Business Premier class, 18 in Pacific Premium Economy and 269 in Pacific Economy.
Business Premier passengers fly in luxury, enjoying a fully lie flat leather armchair with visitor’s seat included, in seat power which adapts to most plugs, an individual 10.4” screen offering a wide range of audio and video channels and active noise reducing headsets.
Pacific Premium Economy Class is being widely introduced on long-haul Boeing 747 flights and Boeing 777 flights as well as Airbus A320 flights to and from Brisbane. Greater seat pitch and more legroom join the benefits of the in flight entertainment, which ranges from a handheld DVD player with twenty titles on A320’s to in-seat 8.4” screens on refitted B747’s and B777’s.
In Economy class there are main-screen videos on Pacific class flights but individual 8.4” screens are being introduced on B747’s and new B777’s.

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4.5 of 5
FromAuckland-Auckland International (AKL)
ToBrisbane-Brisbane International (BNE)
Checked in at 8am for NZ135 to Brisbane @ 9'35am departure, used Air NZ Premium Check-in area, then used self service terminal and dropped bags off, all done in 5min, used the private lift to Customs and security area,(this is for premium passengers only) through very quickly no waiting all done in around in 10 minutes! Entered a very busy Air NZ Lounge for B/fast and coffee, Standard cold breakfast items but disappointed in hot food items, only 2 Hot items one being Spicy Beans!? (I don't think spicy beans is good in the morning before long flights!) the other was a quiche not "standard B/fast fare" Enjoyed a great flat white coffee from the dedicated coffee barista . Wondered down to gate early but all flights are called in lounge, as we entered the gate area the flight had started to board, only 1 other going through priority boarding so very quick to board, shown to our seat, Jackets taken, newspapers offered also Champagne, fresh orange juice and water , Flight departed on time. Flight supervisor went to every passenger introduced himself welcomed us on board etc, a nice touch! Menu's handed out, To start, Fruit Smoothie or Fresh Juice, A selection of cereals, Fresh Fruit & yoghurts, we were then offered from the basket Warm Croissants, Danish selection, fruit and Vogel’s Toast with fruit Conserve. Next we had our Hot choices, Chive and Cheddar Scrambled eggs with grilled Chicken sausage, mushroom ragout and roasted cherry tomatoes OR Corned beef and root vegetable cakes with grilled field mushrooms, creamed leaf spinach, slow roasted tomato and tarragon mustard mayonnaise. I had the scrambled eggs and they were excellent I especially loved the mushroom ragout! To finish Coffee/Tea selection and hot Chocolate. leather Seat is very comfortable and although for a short 3hr flight I didn't use the bed with a push of a button it goes to a 6ft 6"Flat bed and is 22" wide! 10.4" personal Screen with everything you would need! We landed on time, crew were very friendly and efficient Mark and the team looked after us very well. All other passengers were held back until Business class had all left, Brisbane customs not busy at all and went through very quickly, waited only a couple on minutes for our luggage and through customs and leaving airport all in around 25 minutes! all in all a great flight with very good friendly crew and all areas very efficient from Auckland Airport to Brisbane Airport.
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2.5 of 5
FromAuckland - Auckland International (AKL)
ToHong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
My worst ever trip after paying the extra to upgrade to Premier seats.
The flight was the coldest ever and we had to ask twice to turn the heating no avail as we shivered for hours.
As for the staff well, the guys name began with J and he was like something out of dads army.
He was abrupt, never smiled and shook so bad serving drinks he spilt them.
This after treading on my wife’s foot , without a sorry!
He learnt across people whilst they were eating and why oh why Airnz employ such poor staff on long hall flights.
Then, we skipped dinners as it was 1.30am.
So hungry and looking forward to breakfast I had the worst breakfast ever.
A roll cover with water eggs and although I searched for the corn beef hash this was no where to be seen.
Thus capped off a dreadful trip with Airnz in honesty and they will certainly not be top of my list in future long haul.
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FromRichmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
ToAuckland - Auckland International (AKL)
The economy seats are extremely narrow, pushing passengers on top of one another. I paid an additional $100 (per booking) for extra legroom but the additional couple of inches was pretty much pointless since I was forced to (quite literally) rub shoulders with the person in the seat next to me for the full 13-hour flight. It was excruciating. I don’t eat meat because of the way animals are treated. Air New Zealand makes its Economy passengers pay for the privilege of being packed in like animals going to slaughter. One additional point - Air New Zealand does not provide a vegetarian option on its flights. You have to make a special request for it ... This was a first for me.
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3.5 of 5
Seat designers did a great job when manufacturing this seat. The fact that it is very thin, allows passengers to have more personal space, that before was occupied by thick and heavy seats. Also note that they have some ergonomic pillows in the back so you can rest better. Most of the new planes are now using this type of seats, and my opinion is that they are great.
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3.5 of 5
Very comfortable seat. You feel like you are alone on this plane. There is a sense of privacy bc you are sorrounded by the window, the bulkhead and you are backwards to the aisle.
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5 of 5
FromAuckland-Auckland International (AKL)
ToSydney-Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Very comforable seat & more space room. Air New Zealand crew are very helpful & look after me, Because I am deaf.
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4.5 of 5
FromRichmond - Vancouver Intl (YVR)
ToAuckland - Auckland International (AKL)
Premium Economy seat was good.
Food and service was very good. Seat was comfortable and lots of leg room but leg rest was very difficult to raise and put down. However overall experience was positive and I would like to travel that way all the time.
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4.5 of 5
FromHonolulu - Honolulu International (HNL)
A very comfortable seat in a good position. However leg rest was difficult to operate and had to get help along with recline. Safety belt could also do with a little extra length for larger bodies and to put atop blankets.
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3.5 of 5
FromApia - Faleolo (APW)
ToAuckland - Auckland International (AKL)
I was my first flight in a Boeing 777-200 I Found the aircraft comfortable as a wide body jet. I did however find air conditioning vent to high to adjust without asking others to move in the middle section seating
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3.5 of 5
Business Premier passengers fly pretty comfortably. Check the picture for reference.
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