Ural Airlines flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on Ural Airlines flights?

Ural Airlines allows passengers to travel with their pet in the passenger cabin. If the conditions for transportation of an animal in the cabin are not met, the animal may be transported as cargo, but only on certain versions of aircraft (preliminary consent and confirmation must be obtained from the airline).

What animals are accepted in the passenger cabin?

Only pets are accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin:

  • Cats, dogs, parrots, and canaries in Economy Class.
  • Cats and dogs in Business Class.

Agricultural birds (hens, geese, ducks, turkeys, etc.), rodents (mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters) and ferrets are not included in this category and, therefore, are not accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin.

Pets in the Cabin

Pets are accepted for carriage only with the prior confirmation from Ural Airlines, advance booking and, on international flights, permission of the country of destination/transit. Only adult passengers may travel with pets. Check-in for passengers traveling with pets can be one only at the check-in counter at the airport.

Pets must be transported in a container (cage) made of solid plastic, fiberglass, metal, welded net, or wood. In the case of carriage of birds, the cage must be covered by light proof material. The total weight of the cage with the animal must not exceed 8 kg. The dimensions of the container (cage) must not exceed 45 x 35 x 25 cm.

For transportation of pets in the passenger cabin, Ural Airlines charges the following one-way fee:

  • RUB 2500 – domestic flights (within Russia).
  • EUR 35 – flights to/from the CIS countries.
  • EUR 60 – international flights.

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs accompanying visually or hearing impaired passengers are accepted free of charge in the passenger cabin without a container and may travel lying down at the owner’s feet if the Guide Dog has a certificate, collar and muzzle.

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