Royal Brunei Airlines check-in

Does Royal Brunei Airlines offer Online Check-in?

Yes, Royal Brunei Airlines offers Online Check-in for all Royal Brunei flights, except flights departing from Jeddah.

How early should I arrive at the airport?

In order to avoid missing your flight, Royal Brunei Airlines recommends you to arrive at the airport for check-in 3 hours before your flight (2 hours in Kota Kinabalu and Surabaya, 4 hours in Jeddah).

Royal Brunei Airlines check-in counters close 45 minutes before scheduled time of departure, with the following exceptions:

  • Shanghai – 50 minutes before departure.
  • Dubai and London – 60 minutes before departure.
  • Jeddah – 60 minutes (120 minutes for Hajj passengers).

Online Check-in

Online Check-in for Royal Brunei Airlines is available from 24 hours before the scheduled departure time for all passengers with electronic tickets (e-tickets) and confirmed bookings, including bookings with the following special requests: special meals, wheelchair, and Meet-and-assist.

The deadline for Online Check-in is 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time, except flights departing from London and Melbourne, for which the Online Check-in deadline is 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Upon successfully completing the Online Check-in, passengers departing from Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei International Airport have the option to print a bar-coded boarding pass (A4 size paper). Passengers who have only hand baggage may proceed directly to immigration with their online printed boarding pass only when departing from Brunei International Airport and holding tickets issued by RB, which begin with 672.

Passengers departing from destinations other than Bandar Seri Begawan may proceed to print a Confirmation / This is not a boarding pass, which has to be changed with an actual boarding pass at a check-in counter. Designated Online Check-in counters are available in both Business and Economy Class check-in areas to obtain the boarding pass and to drop off luggage before the check-in deadline for the flight.

Passengers holding tickets other than RB ticket but traveling on RB services are required to pay the airport tax at the Royal Skies check-in counter for Business Class or PSC counter for Economy Class.

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