OpenSkies flying with pets

Can I take my pet in the passenger cabin on OpenSkies flights?

You can take your cat or dog with you in the passenger cabin on OpenSkies flights only in Prem Plus and Eco cabin. OpenSkies only accept up to 6 pets in the cabin per flight under the following conditions:

  • Only cats and dogs, and only one pet per passenger.
  • Your pet must weigh (pet carrier included) under 6 kg (13.2 lbs).
  • The pet carrier must be well ventilated and large enough for your pet, but must not exceed these maximum dimensions: length 45 cm x width 30 cm x height 24 cm.
  • Your pet is not allowed to leave the pet carrier during the entire flight.
  • You must provide medical and travel certificates for your pet.
  • You must pay a fee of $196 or 125€.

Can I take my pet as checked baggage on OpenSkies flights?

Pets that weigh more than 6 kg (13.2 lbs) must travel as checked baggage. OpenSkies accepts up to 3 pets in the cargo hold per flight. Each passenger can only book one pet to travel in the cargo hold, for which OpenSkies will charge a fee of $196 or 125€. Pets must be accompanied by medical and travel certificates and travel in a container that is appropriate for air travel, well ventilated and large enough.

Service Animals

Guide or Assistance Dogs trained to provide mobility assistance, as well as Emotional Support Animals, are permitted to travel in all cabins free of charge. For Guide or Assistance Dogs, travel documentation approved and accredited by a recognised organisation is required. For Emotional Support Animals, OpenSkies requires valid documentation dated within one year of the scheduled flight.

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