OpenSkies check-in

What are my options for checking-in for OpenSkies flights?

To make your check-in fast and easy, OpenSkies provides you with a few options for checking-in:

  • Online & Mobile Check-in – before you arrive at the airport.
  • Kiosk & Desk Check-in – at the airport.

When departing from the US, you have to go to a check-in desk, even if you have already checked in, to have your travel documents reviewed before going through the security check.

You can find more information on check-in options for OpenSkies flights in British Airways – Checking-in.

What are the check-in deadlines for OpenSkies flights?

When traveling between New York and Paris with OpenSkies, the check-in deadlines are:

  • From New York – 60 minutes before departure.
  • From Paris – Orly – 50 minutes before departure.

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