Kenya Airways flying with pets

Am I allowed to travel with my pet?

Kenya Airways does not allow pets in the passenger cabin or as checked baggage. If you are willing to take your pet along with you on your trip, you need to do the necessary arrangements before your trip through the airline’s cargo department.

What do I need to do if I want to bring my pet with me?

You need to contact your travel agent or the local Kenya Airways office and let them know you are traveling with your pet. The airline will advise you on space availability and will provide you with a list of requirements and needed regulations. If part of your trip is serviced by other airline, please remember to check with them about their own rules and regulations for flying with pets. You will also have to inquire about needed papers and permits to take your pet on board. For charges, you should contact the cargo department.

Service Dogs

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs are accepted in the cabin if the dog is certified and trained to provide assistance to a person with a disability. Service Dogs are accepted free of charge.

The dog must be identified by an identification card or label and can accompany the passenger in the cabin without a kennel/cage provided that it is properly harnessed and does not occupy a seat.

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