Icelandair flying with pets

What options do I have for transporting my pet on Icelandair flights?

Icelandair allows pets to travel only as checked baggage, in climate controlled transport areas in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. The only exception to the rule above applies to Service Dogs accompanying a blind, deaf or physically/mentally impaired person, which may be accepted for carriage in the passenger cabin, but must be booked in advance.

What are the restrictions and requirements for acceptance of pets on Icelandair flights?

When traveling to/via the United Kingdom, special rules apply for transport of animals. All pets traveling to the UK must be transported as cargo consignment, through Icelandair Cargo.

Since it is your responsibility to determine the requirements of the country being entered/transited while traveling with a pet, please contact the embassy of your destination before you book your pet to determine if travel with your pet is permitted and to get information about the documents required.

Pets as Checked Baggage

On each flight, a maximum of 4 animal crates can be carried. However, two animals can share a crate if both are small and of the same species. Pets must be booked in advance. To make the necessary arrangements for the carriage of your pet, please contact the nearest Icelandair reservation office. When booking your pet, you will be required to provide the dimensions and weight of the crate with the pet inside.

You must provide your own crate. The weight of the crate with the pet inside must not exceed 40 kg (88 lbs). If you are traveling with a heavier pet, please contact Icelandair Cargo. The dimensions of the crate (length x width x height) must not exceed 92 x 63.5 x 71 cm (36 x 25 x 28 inches).

The following charges for pet transport apply:


within Europe

Flights between Iceland

and the US / Canada

Flights between Europe

and the US / Canada

EUR 117

USD 126

ISK 14,000

EUR 138

USD 148

ISK 16,400

EUR 162

USD 174

ISK 19,300

Service Dogs

Icelandair will carry a trained and certified Service Dog free of charge in the cabin, but only accepts one recognized Service Dog per flight. When traveling with a Service Dog, prior notification of 2 minimum business days is required.

Emotional support and psychiatric assist dogs are also accepted in the cabin (one per flight) if certain documentation requirements are met. The required documentation must be received and validated by Icelandair at least 2 business days prior to travel. Emotional support and psychiatric assist dogs are not recognized as Service Dogs in the UK and are not accepted in the passenger cabin.

For transit at Keflavík Airport, approval from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority is necessary, and the maximum layover time is 3 hours. Since all live animals entering Iceland are quarantined for a period of four weeks, no stopover is allowed in Iceland.

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