Icelandair flying with babies

Do I have to reserve a separate seat for my baby when flying with Icelandair?

You don’t have to reserve a separate seat if your baby is up to 2 years old and will be traveling on your lap. However, provided that there are available seats on your flight, you may bring on board an approved child seat in which to sit your baby. If you want to ensure that your baby travels in the child seat, you must reserve a separate seat for him/her by purchasing the child fare.

Does Icelandair offer discounts for children?

Depending on child’s age, Icelandair offers the following discounts (not including fuel surcharges, taxes or other fees):

Travel ClassInfant Discount
(under 2 years of age without a reserved seat)
Child Discount
(2-11 years)
Economy Class90%20%
Saga Class75%No discount

Traveling with Babies

Infants without a reserved seat have no hand baggage allowance, and the checked baggage allowance depends on the fare purchased:

  • Economy Light – no checked bag, one stroller, and one car seat or carrying basket.
  • All other fares – one bag up to 23 kg (50 lbs) and 158 cm (62 in), one stroller, and one car seat or carrying basket.

Babies aged under 2 with a reserved seat are entitled to the same baggage allowance (both hand and checked baggage) as an adult.

The use of child seats is allowed in a window seat during all stages of the flight, including during take-off and landing, provided that the child seat is approved for use in motor vehicles and/or aircraft in accordance with one of the following standards:

  • The European Standard ECE R44-03 or later amendments.
  • The German Standard on “Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems in Aircraft” (TUV Doc.:/958-01/2001).
  • The US Standard US FMVSS No. 213 (must be manufactured according to this standard after February 26, 1985, and have two labels).
  • The Canadian Standard CMVSS 213/213.1.

Hot water is always available on board to heat milk bottles and jars of baby food. For infants, it is possible to order yogurt and a banana or a Baby Meal (canned baby food). Baby Meals must be ordered in advance, at least 24 hours before departure, by calling Icelandair Reservations. Children aged between 2 and 11 years receive a complimentary meal and juice box on all flights.

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