HOP! Baggage and Carry-on

What is the hand baggage allowance on HOP! flights?

The hand baggage allowance permits passengers (including infants) to take into the passenger cabin a certain amount of baggage that is limited in weight and size. For all fares, the hand baggage allowance is one piece with maximum dimensions up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm (115 cm) plus one personal item (handbag, laptop, etc.) weighing up to 12 kg in total.

Upon boarding, HOP! ground-based staff may tag your carry-on bag with a green “carry-on” label even if it complies with the maximum permitted dimensions. The reason for this is that, because overhead baggage space varies with the type of aircraft, you may be asked to check your bag at the gate so that it can be placed in the baggage hold.

What is the checked baggage allowance on HOP! flights?

When traveling on HOP! flights, you will be entitled to a free checked baggage allowance only if you purchase certain types of fares. Some fares do not include a free baggage allowance. Additional checked baggage may be purchased online at a discount.

The weight of one piece of checked baggage may not exceed 23 kg. The dimensions of one piece of baggage may not exceed 158 cm; to calculate this amount, you must add the length, the height and the width of your luggage. The number of pieces that may be checked free of charge depends on the fare purchased:

  • No free baggage allowance – Basic/Light and Promo fares.
  • 1 piece of checked baggage – Basic+, Smart/Standard, Flex, Youth, Family, and Senior fares.

Additional baggage allowance may be purchased and added to the booking before arriving at the airport. When the payment is confirmed, your baggage is added to the booking. You must bring at the airport the Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) that you will receive to confirm your purchase. If you do not purchase additional baggage in advance, you will be charged a higher fee at the check-in desk.

Additional Baggage Fees
Fare1st piece

(fee per trip)

2nd and 3rd pieces

(fee per trip and per piece)

On the Internet: from €15
At the airport: €30
On the Internet: €45
At the airport: €70
Basic+, Smart/Standard, Flex,
Youth, Family, and Senior

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment with a maximum weight of 23 kg (golf, diving, fishing, surfboards smaller than 300 cm, ski, water ski) is considered to be a standard checked item. If it is the only item you check in, it is included in your fare (except Basic/Light and Promo fares).

Bicycles, folding bikes, and tandems are not included in the free baggage allowance. For bicycles, folding bikes, and tandems weighing no more than 23 kg (including container), you will have to pay a fee at the airport (€40 – flights within Continental France).

If you travel with sports equipment, you should contact HOP! at least 48 hours before departure.

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