China Southern Airlines minors flying alone

What services does China Southern Airlines offer regarding minors?

China Southern Airlines offers special services for Unaccompanied Minors and Unaccompanied Teenagers. Through these services, you can rest assured that your children can travel safely even though not in your presence.

You must apply for these services if an adult cannot assist your child throughout the journey.

What are the age restrictions on domestic and international flights?

Children less than 5 years old are not allowed to travel alone under any circumstances. Children 2 to 5 years old must be accompanied, in the same class cabin, by an 18-year-old passenger or above with full capacity for civil conduct.

All minors 5 to 11 years old travelling alone (not accompanied, in the same class cabin, by a parent or an 18-year-old passenger or above with full capacity for civil conduct) must apply for Unaccompanied Minor Service. China Southern will not allow Unaccompanied Children to board the plane unless they have gone through relevant procedures.

The above-mentioned age limits apply on both domestic and international routes. In addition, on domestic flights, because each adult passenger is allowed to accompany only 2 children below 12 years old in the same cabin, any other children must be subject to the provisions of the Unaccompanied Minor service, even if these children buy tickets at full price.

Unaccompanied Children

For children 5 to 11 years old travelling alone, it is mandatory to go through relevant procedures for Unaccompanied Minor service. In order to successfully apply for this service, you must go to China Southern’s business office at the airport of departure and provide all the necessary documentation for yourself and your child.

Moreover, you should download the “Unaccompanied Minor Requested for Carriage – Handling Advice” form, complete it, and then submit it to the ticketing office when making the reservation.


Unaccompanied Children are accepted only on direct flights, with no segments or changes of aircraft. Should your minor’s journey include two or more segments operated by either China Southern or other carrier, a third party designated by the minor’s parents or guardians will need to be present at the stopover points, to take care of the child and guide them towards the next segment of their journey.

Since Unaccompanied Children require special attention and care, there is a limited number of seats for them available at a given time on each flight. This limit varies depending on aircraft type.

Drop-off and Pick-up

The minor who will attend the flight unaccompanied must be escorted at the airport of departure by an adult (parent or legal guardian), where they must designate a person to wait for the minor at the airport of arrival. The full name, address and contact information of this person must be provided by the parent / guardian, and verified by the ticketing staff.

After the custody of the minor has been handed over to the airport staff, they will look after him or her from there on. This will include getting him or her through all the necessary formalities (check-in, security inspection, boarding), as well as, upon disembarkation, through baggage claim and proper custody transfer.

Fares and Fees

Unaccompanied Children 5 to 11 years old travelling on domestic routes (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan being excluded) will have to pay for child tickets, while on international routes they must pay the full price of an adult ticket.

Unaccompanied Teenagers

Teenagers 12 to 16 years old may apply for this special service, on an optional basis. Although they will be referred to as teens, the same conditions as for Unaccompanied Children apply.

Fares and Fees

This type of service is charged based on the route:

  • Domestic flights: the ticket price for adults.
  • International and regional flights: fees include ticket prices and service fees. the ticket price for adults + a service fee of RMB 350 for each segment of the flight.

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