China Southern Airlines flying with pets

What is China Southern Airlines’ policy on pet acceptance?

China Southern Airlines accepts for carriage only small animals, such as cats, dogs, birds and other pets, and only as checked baggage.

Aggressive dog breeds, breeds of short-nosed felines and canines, wild animals, those who are either too small (mice or fish) or too big (when the size of the cage exceeds the maximum values accepted), and dangerous animals (snakes, for example) are not eligible for transportation.

With the sole exception of Service Dogs, no other pets are allowed in the passenger cabin. All animals transported with China Southern must be checked as baggage, and placed in the cargo compartment.

What responsibilities do I have?

In order to transport a pet with China Southern Airlines, you need the airline’s prior approval, as well as the approval of all the other carriers, if the flight consists of multiple segments. Your pet will be handled in accordance with specific regulations, and must have the following travel documents:

  • The Quarantine Certificate and the Rabies Vaccination / Immune Certificate, issued by the Chinese Animal and Plant Quarantine Department.
  • Exit, transit and entry licenses.
  • Any other certificates required by the countries of departure, transit or arrival.

All these documents must be provided at the same time, and they are entirely the owner’s responsibility. Keep in mind that your animal must be healthy and in travel condition; animals suspected to carry a disease or suffering from an infection will not be accepted on board. The airline will not be held responsible for the eventual illness, injury or death of your pet, unless it is clearly caused by the carrier.

Checked Pets


When placed in the cargo hold, an oxygen supply must be provided at all times. This is why not all aircraft models are suitable for pet transportation. Furthermore, a maximum of three small domestic animals can be carried per flight on some aircraft.

The owner must apply for pet registration as checked baggage at the time of booking the ticket or reserving the seat. Another option would be to inform the airline 72 hours prior to scheduled flight departure. On the day of the flight, you must arrive at the airport 90 minutes before take-off, for all the check-in formalities to be handled in good order.

Size and Weight Restrictions

Each passenger can check as baggage only one pet or a pair of birds. Each pet must have its own kennel; however, if you take a pair of birds with yourself, you are allowed to place them in the same cage.

The container itself must respect certain size limits:

  • No smaller than 5 x 15 x 20 cm.
  • No larger than 40 x 60 x 100 cm.

Regarding weight limitations, the total weight of the container, the animal inside of it and its food and water supply, must not exceed 32 kg (70 lbs).


Pets are not regarded as part of the free baggage allowance and are charged consequently. All pets are subject to a fee calculated as follows:

  • Domestic flights – the total weight is charged as excess baggage.
  • International flights – depending on the total weight:
    • 2-8 kg – CNY 1380 / USD 200 / EUR 190 / AUD 290.
    • 8-23 kg – CNY 2100 / USD 300 / EUR 280 / AUD 450.
    • 23-32 kg – CNY 3500 / USD 500 / EUR 470 / AUD 740.

Service Animals

Special passengers are allowed to travel with a qualified Service Dog, which will be transported in the passenger cabin or cargo compartment. Taking Service Dogs into the cabin requires booking in advance, 24-48 hours before departure. Entry or transit permits and certain health certificates are required when checking in. Service Dogs in passenger cabin should be muzzled and collared with a leash before boarding. Service Dogs, their container and food are carried free of charge and will not be charged as excess baggage.

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