Brussels Airlines flying with pets

Are pets accepted on Brussels Airlines flights?

Brussels Airlines accepts pets in the cabin or as checked baggage on most of its flights. Due to legal regulations, pets will not be accepted in the following situations:

  • In the passenger cabin, on flights to the United Kingdom.
  • In the hold of the aircraft, on flights from Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, and on flights from Belgium to the UK.
  • In the passenger cabin and as checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft, on flights to and from Kenya (animals into and out of Kenya may be transported by cargo only).

What are the conditions for acceptance of pets on Brussels Airlines flights?

Traveling with a pet is subject to availability, and a fee applies per one-way flight. All pets must be booked in advance, at the time of reservation, via the Service Centre. In order to be accepted on Brussels Airlines flights, the animal must be clean, healthy, harmless and odourless. Also, pets may not be pregnant or annoy other passengers.

Pets accepted in the passenger cabin must be kept in a soft-sided bag during the whole flight. Pets accepted as checked baggage must travel in a suitable container or cage, with enough food and water for the duration of the flight. Pets must remain completely inside the bag or cage (including tail and head) during the whole flight.

The passenger must provide all necessary documents: animal ID, health and vaccination certificates, export, import and transit permits, etc. Transportation of pug-nosed dogs and cats (breeds like pugs, bulldogs, boxers, Pekinese and all cross-breed as well as Himalayan, Persian and exotic shorthair cats), in the cabin, as checked baggage or cargo, is subject to the submission of a Discharge form.

Pets in the Passenger Cabin

On Brussels Airlines flights, small cats and dogs at least 12 weeks old (16 weeks old for the US) and weighing less than 8 kg (including pet bag) are allowed in the passenger cabin. Birds, fish, rabbits and rodents (e.g. guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) are not permitted in the passenger cabin.

A maximum of 1 bag per passenger is permitted. Nevertheless, 2 adult animals familiar with each other or 3 puppies/kittens from the same litter and up to 6 months old may be transported in the same bag provided that, including the bag, they do not exceed the total maximum weight of 8 kg.

The pet bag must be a soft-sided bag with the maximum size of 118 cm (45 in) that can be completely stowed under the seat in front of the passenger. It also has to be leak-proof and smell-proof. The bag must be provided by the passenger, but it can be bought for €45 from Brussels Airlines ticketing office at Brussels Airport.


Transportation of pets in the cabin is subject to an additional fee per one-way flight:

  • €50 / $70 – flights within Europe (including Tel Aviv, Morocco, and Russia).
  • €70 / $90 – intercontinental flights.

Pets as Checked Baggage

Brussels Airlines permits the transportation as checked baggage of dogs and cats. Rodents (such as guinea pigs and hamsters), birds, domestic animals of unusual size or wild animals may not be accepted as checked baggage on Brussels Airlines flights.

The animal container for transportation in the hold must be large enough for the animal and adequately ventilated on at least three sides. It also has to be clean, leak-proof, and escape-proof. Soft-sided bags are not suitable for transportation of animals in the hold.

Only one animal weighing over 14 kg per container is accepted. Maximum 2 adult dogs/cats of comparable size, up to 14 kg each, and familiar to each other, may be transported in the same container. Maximum 3 puppies/kittens up to 6 months old and from the same litter may be transported in the same container.


Depending on the route, as well as on the size and weight of the container, Brussels Airline will charge an additional fee per one-way flight:

Additional Fees for Pets as Checked Baggage
ContainerDimensions and weight
of the container
Flights within Europe (including
Tel Aviv, Morocco, and Russia)
Intercontinental flights
Small53 x 36 x 38 cm (3 kg)€100 / $130€150 / $200
Large66 x 46 x 48 cm (5 kg)
80 x 56 x 55 cm (8 kg)
91 x 61 x 66 cm (10 kg)
102 x 69 x 88 cm (13 kg)
121 x 81 x 88 cm (20 kg)
€200 / $300€300 / $450

Service Animals

Service Animals, such as seeing-eye, hearing or assistance dogs, are accepted free of charge, without restrictions of size or weight. Brussels Airlines doesn’t accept any pets in the cabin, including Service Animals, on its flights to the United Kingdom. As the number of animals allowed in the cabin is limited, you need to inform Brussels Airlines in good time if you wish to travel with a Service Animal.

Therapy or Emotional Support Animals are accepted free of charge in the cabin but only on itineraries to/from the US (including connecting flights). Brussels Airlines requires confirmation from your doctor that you need an emotional support or psychiatric service dog, as well as notification 48 hours in advance.

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