Brussels Airlines flying with babies

How can I fly with my baby on Brussels Airlines flights?

On Brussels Airlines flights, newborn babies are not allowed to travel during the first 7 days after birth. Passengers younger than 2 years are regarded as infants, and passengers between the ages of 2 and 11 travel as children. Infants are not required to have their own seat and may travel on their parents’ lap. However, only one baby per adult is accepted. If you want your baby to travel more safely and comfortably, you can reserve a seat for your baby. Children aged 2 to 11 years are required to have their own seat reserved.

Are discounts offered for infants and children on Brussels Airlines flights?

For infants not occupying a separate seat, the infant discount is 90% of the regular fare (taxes and fees may apply depending on the destination). If a separate seat is reserved for an infant, the child discount will apply. If the child turns 2 years of age while traveling, a separate seat, with the child discount, must be reserved for him/her for the entire journey.

Discounts for children aged 2 to 11 years apply on most Brussels Airlines routes, depending on the travel class. Children turning 12 years en route must be booked as adults for the entire journey.

Discounts for Children
European FlightsIntercontinental Flights
Check&GoLight&Relax and Flex&FastBizz&ClassEconomy and Business
No discount20% of the regular fare20% of the regular fare25%-33% of the regular fare

Infant Seating

On certain intercontinental flights, Brussels Airlines provides customers with the facility to use a baby basket. Baby baskets may be used throughout the flight except during take-off, turbulence and landing. As the number of baskets on board is limited, you must contact Brussels Airlines’ Service Centre as early as possible to request a basket. Baby baskets are offered free of charge, but a fee is charged to book a seat in front of the baby basket (€60 for seats with extra leg space and €120 for Economy Privilege seats).

With a length of 70 cm (27.5 inches) and width of 30 cm (11 inches), baskets are made for babies of up to approximately 6-8 months with a weight of maximum 10 kg. For security reasons, the maximum allowed weight for baby baskets, including baby, is limited to 15 kg. Linen, pillow and a blanket are provided with each baby basket.

Passengers who have booked a seat for an infant can bring their own car seat to be used throughout the flight, including during take-off, turbulence and landing. Car seats are accepted on board of Brussels Airlines flights if they are approved for use in motor vehicles according to the UN standard ECE R 44, -03 or later series or Canadian CMVSS 213/213.1, in motor vehicles and aircraft according to US FMVSS No 213, or in aircraft according to the German ‘Qualification Procedure for Child Restraint Systems for Use in Aircraft’ (TÜV Doc.: TÜV/958-01/2001). Shell-type restraint devices (i.e. Maxi Cosi) are not allowed during take-off, turbulence and landing, and the use of such devices is restricted for comfort only (feeding or sleeping).

Baggage Allowances

Infants not occupying a seat are not entitled to free hand baggage allowance. However, parents are allowed to carry free of charge one infant’s carrying basket or one fully collapsible stroller/pushchair and the infant’s food for consumption on board. The free hand baggage allowance for children between 2-11 years is the same as for adults and corresponds to the class of travel.

Infants not occupying a seat are entitled to 1 piece of luggage of maximum 23 kg, except in Check&Go (no checked baggage is included in this fare category). Children between 2-11 years are entitled to the same free baggage allowance as the baggage allowance for adults according to the class of travel.

On top of the free baggage allowance, passengers traveling with small children may bring free of charge one infant’s carrying basket or one fully collapsible stroller/pushchair (on hold) or one car seat. Passengers are allowed to bring their babies up to the aircraft entrance in their own baby strollers. The strollers must be labelled at check-in and will be folded and stored in the hold during the flight.

Family Amenities

On Brussels Airlines flights, families with children under 5 years of age enjoy priority boarding. On board, most aircraft have toilets with changing tables, and the cabin crew can warm up bottles and baby food on board. On most flights, you can purchase toys on board. On long-haul flights, the in-flight entertainment system includes cartoons and children movies. Brussels Airlines crew members will be pleased to help you with your little ones, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

Brussels Airlines offers special meals for infants and children (if you’re entitled to a meal on your flight). On most flights within Europe, Brussels Airlines serves a fruit baby meal, which is sugar, salt and gluten free, for babies up to 24 months. On intercontinental flights, a vegetable puree is also offered. The child meal, for children aged 2 to 9 years, consists of a balanced, child-friendly meal without the addition of hot spices (e.g., pasta with tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, etc.). All specials meals have to be requested at least 48 hours before departure.

Brussels Airlines also offers the package, which includes several new services to make traveling with children more comfortable and hassle-free. The package is offered to families (all bookings with minimum one child or one infant in the booking) free of charge. The package includes an exclusive discount for parking at more than 50 European airports (partnership with ParkVia) and the guarantee that the entire family sits together on the plane even if the flight is full, and that parents can take their stroller with them up until the gate and receive it at the destination at the aircraft door (except in Berlin, Catania, Copenhagen, London Heathrow, Manchester, Marseille, Naples, Nice, Olbia, Palermo, Rome, Toulouse, and Vienna). On board, kids will be offered a toy. In order to enjoy, you must register no later than 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure time so that the necessary arrangements for your family trip are made.

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