Azal Azerbaijan Airlines flying with pets

What are the transport methods for pets provided by Azal Azerbaijan Airlines?

Passengers may transport pets on Azal Azerbaijan Airlines flights in the passenger cabin and in the baggage hold.

What are the conditions for the transportation of pets on Azal Azerbaijan Airlines flights?

Transportation of pets must be requested and approved by Azal Azerbaijan Airlines in advance. Pets must be transported in appropriate containers, which will not be included in the free baggage allowance and will be subject to excess baggage fees. Depending on the transport method, the container is subject to different size and weight restrictions.

The number of animals that can be transported in one container is regulated according to the TIM/TIMATIC requirements of the destination country and IATA regulations. The transportation of live animals must comply with the regulations of the departure, transfer and arrival country.

Pets in the Cabin

Small dogs, cats and birds can be accepted for transportation in the passenger cabin if the total weight (pet plus container) does not exceed 8 kg. The size of the container (the sum of the three dimensions) must not exceed 115 cm (55 x 20 x 40 cm). Azal Azerbaijan Airlines accepts a maximum of two pets per container and two pet containers per flight. Only adult passengers may travel with a pet in the passenger cabin.


The container is not included in the free hand baggage allowance and will be charged at the rate of:

  • 100 EUR / 120 USD – to/from New York and Beijing.
  • 50 EUR / 40 GBP / 210 AED / 60 USD – all other routes.

Pets as Checked Baggage

Pets (such as dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, rabbits, etc.) can be accepted for transportation in the aircraft hold. For transportation as checked baggage, Azal Azerbaijan Airlines accepts only one pet container per passenger.

The container must be large enough to ensure that the animal has sufficient space, but the total sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 203 cm. The total weight of the pet along with the container must not exceed 75 kg. Animals that, together with the container, weigh more than 75 kg are accepted for the carriage only as cargo.


Pets transported as checked baggage are not included in the free baggage allowance and are subject to an additional fee depending on the weight and size of the container:

Weight and Size of the Container


To/from New York and Beijing

All other routes

Up to 32 kg and 158 cm

100 EUR / 120 USD

50 EUR / 40 GBP / 210 AED / 60 USD

32 – 75 kg and 158 cm

200 EUR / 240 USD

100 EUR /80 GBP / 420 AED / 120 USD

158 – 203 cm

Additionally 100 EUR / 120 USD

Additionally 50 EUR / 40 GBP / 210 AED / 60 USD

More than 203 cm

Additionally 200 EUR / 240 USD

Additionally 100 EUR /80 GBP / 420 AED / 120 USD

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs for blind or deaf passengers are transported, free of charge, in the passenger cabin, without container, or in a container that complies with IATA regulations in the aircraft hold. When transported in the passenger cabin, the dog should wear leash and muzzle.

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