Azal Azerbaijan Airlines Baggage and Carry-on

What is AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines policy regarding hand baggage?

The hand baggage is subject to size restrictions, as well as weight limitations depending on the travel class. Also, its content is subject to airport security regulations. In addition to the hand baggage allowance, you may take with you in the cabin some items that you may need at boarding or landing, or during the flight.

What is AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines policy regarding checked baggage?

On all AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines flights, the free baggage allowance is determined by the Piece Concept and depends on the travel class and route. Baggage exceeding the free allowance is subject to excess baggage fees. Any piece of baggage exceeding 32 kg will be accepted only as cargo.

For J2 flight operated by Buta Airways (numbers beginning 9, e.g. J2 9101), baggage rules of Buta Airways apply.

Hand Baggage

The hand baggage allowance on AZAL Azerbaijan flights is:

Travel Class Number of Pieces Maximum
Total Weight
Maximum Dimensions
per Piece
Economy 1 piece 10 kg 118 cm
(55 x 40 x 23 cm)
Business, Comfort Club, VIP Club 2 pieces 10 kg per piece

Additionally (not included in the hand baggage allowance), the following items may be taken into the passenger cabin: handbag, blanket, umbrella, walking stick, camera, laptop, reading material for the flight, infant food for the flight and travel cot (when traveling with an infant), etc.

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage allowance on AZAL Azerbaijan flights is:

Free Baggage Allowance
Travel Class Route Number of Pieces Maximum Weight
per Piece
Maximum Size
per Piece
Economy To/from New York 2 piece 23 kg 158 cm

(H + W + L)

Moscow (VKO) – Gandja, Qabala, Lankaran No free allowance
All other routes 1 piece 23 kg
Comfort Club
All routes 2 pieces 32 kg
VIP Club All routes 3 pieces 32 kg

Excess Baggage Fees

Additional charges apply for each limitation of the free baggage allowance that is exceeded: the number of pieces, maximum weight and maximum size. The fees for overweight and oversized baggage apply to pieces of baggage included in the free allowance, as well as to extra pieces of baggage.

Extra pieces of baggage up to 23 kg and 158 cm can be purchased with a discount up to 3 hours before departure at AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines sale offices and accredited agencies:

  • 80 EUR / 100 USD – to/from New York and Beijing.
  • 40 EUR / 30 GBP / 180 AED / 50 USD – all other routes.
Excess Baggage Fees at the Airport
To/from New York and Beijing All other routes
Extra Piece – up to 23 kg and 158 cm 100 EUR / 120 USD 50 EUR / 40 GBP / 250 AED / 60 USD
Overweight Piece – 23-32 kg
Oversized Piece – 158-203 cm
Oversized Piece – over 203 cm 200 EUR / 240 USD 100 EUR / 80 GBP / 420 AED / 120 USD

Sporting Equipment

Carriage of sporting equipment on AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines flights is allowed only in the baggage hold (except tennis rackets and sets for rhythmic gymnastics) and must be pre-requested and booked. Bicycles (single, no engine) are accepted for transportation only in the disassembled form and in a cover or hard package.

Free of charge and over the free baggage allowance, AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines will transport the first set of golf or ski/snowboard equipment irrespective of the weight and size.

All other sporting equipment are transported as part of the free baggage allowance. If this is exceeded (the number of pieces, maximum weight or maximum size), the excess baggage fees will apply.

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