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4.5 of 5
FromAlmaty - Almaty (ALA)
ToAstana - Astana (TSE)
This plane included several outstanding features. First, the sleek touchscreen IFE. Second, a working USB charger. And finally, an abnormally large tray table, able to fit all sizes of laptops. The legroom was fantastic, about the same as the big airlines (Emirates/Qatar/Cathay). The seat was wide and comfortable, as it was in a 2/3/2 configuration. The recline was good too. However, I was unlucky to end up with a window seat which did not actually have a window! When choosing seats, don’t pick any window seats along row #13 in economy. Also note the entertainment is quite limited, in terms of international films.
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4 of 5
FromAlmaty - Almaty (ALA)
ToHong Kong - Hong Kong International (HKG)
My flight going to Hong Kong was great with the new Boeing 767-300ER. I mean, I loved the plane, the interior of the Economy section, and the meal services. Great choices of movies and TVs with nice and kind flight attendant. Overall it was one of my best flights. Too bad I'm going to Hong Kong again this year and the aircraft that is going to be used is the Boeing 757. I didn't like it but it's fun to experience another aircraft. (I have never flown on a Boeing 757)
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FromAlmaty - Almaty (ALA)
ToAstana - Astana (TSE)
I expected worse from a Kazakh airline, The legroom was surprisingly quite big, very good service, IFE was okay, I would rate it a 9.7/10
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