Oman Air Baggage and Carry-on

What is Oman Air’s policy on hand baggage?

For safety reasons and restricted space, Oman Air allows passengers to carry with them only a limited amount of hand baggage. The hand baggage allowance depends on the travel class.

What is Oman Air’s policy on checked baggage?

Oman Air’s baggage policy is determined by the Piece System. Your Free Baggage Allowance will be shown on your ticket, or in the case of an e-Ticket, on your itinerary and receipt.

Hand Baggage

Passengers are allowed one piece of hand baggage weighing no more than 7 kg in Economy Class and two pieces with a weight of 7 kg each in First and Business Class. The handbag must fit underneath the seat in front of the passenger or in the overhead compartment. Therefore, each piece of hand baggage must not exceed maximum dimensions of 115 cm / 45 inches (length + height + width).

In addition to the baggage allowance, the following items may also be accepted as carry-on baggage or checked baggage, as deemed, without any additional fees:

  • Handbag, purse or pocketbook.
  • Laptop in a small bag.
  • Overcoat, wrap, or blanket.
  • Umbrella or walking stick.
  • A small camera and/or binoculars.
  • Reading material for the flight.
  • Infant food for consumption during the flight and infant carrying basket, carry cot or baby stroller (for passengers traveling with infants).
  • Collapsible wheelchair or crutches (for passengers with reduced mobility).
  • Braces or prosthetic devices (provided the guest is dependent on them).

Checked Baggage

Free Baggage Allowance

When traveling solely on Oman Air flights, Oman Air provides the following Free Baggage Allowances:

  • First & Business Class – 2 pieces with a combined weight of up to 50 kg.
  • Economy Class – 2 pieces with a combined weight of up to 30 kg.

All passengers who travel onward to North America are entitled to a free baggage allowance of 2 pieces up to  23 kg each in Economy and 2 pieces up to 32 kg each in Business, each piece with linear dimensions of maximum 158 cm.

The maximum weight of any single piece of baggage cannot exceed 32 kg, or it shall not be accepted at check-in. Total maximum linear dimensions (length + width + height) may not exceed 158 cm / 62 inches. Bags larger than this size may require special handling. Due to different restrictions depending on the type of aircraft, it is necessary to request information from Oman Air, prior to your arrival at the airport, if you want to check in any item larger in size or excessively heavier in weight.

Excess Baggage

For baggage in excess of the Free Baggage Allowance, you will be required to pay an additional charge per additional piece of excess baggage. Excess baggage can be purchased in advance online or through Oman Air’s Call Centre, City Ticket Offices or approved travel agents. When purchased in advance online, through Oman Air’s website, up to 20% discount on the rates charged at the airport applies for excess baggage.

The rates vary according to the itinerary and apply for journeys fully operated by Oman Air:

Oman to/fromRate per 1 piece
up to 20 kg
of extra
Oman (domestic flights)USD 42OMR 202
Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK, Morocco)USD 104OMR 50 / CHF 125
GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)USD 52OMR 252
Middle East & Africa (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania)USD 65OMR 302
Indian Subcontinent (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)USD 78OMR 352
Far East (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)USD 91OMR 454

Special Baggage

If you want to transport special baggage, you must notify Oman Air at the time of reservation. Any additional piece above 20 kg or 158 cm and sports equipment are considered Special Baggage and will be charged depending on the route (e.g., between Oman and Europe, sports equipment up to 23 kg will be charged OMR 60 / EUR 110 / GBP 97.40 and large sports equipment up to 32 kg will be charged OMR 75 / EUR 166.18 / GBP 147.10).

Passengers traveling to/from Muscat are entitled one golf bag in addition to the free baggage allowance. Passengers traveling to all other destinations on Oman Air network can transport golf equipment as part of the baggage allowance.

Baggage Services

Baggage irregularities, such as delay or damage, should be personally reported to the baggage agents, before leaving the baggage collection area upon arrival at the destination. The baggage agent will assist you in filing a Passenger Irregularity Report – PIR. All tickets, boarding cards, baggage identification labels, receipts and the completed PIR must be kept, in order to include them in any subsequent claim.

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