Copa Airlines flying with babies

Which are the age restrictions for acceptance of infants on Copa Airlines flights?

Copa Airlines doesn’t transport newborn infants under 7 days old and babies that require an incubator. Copa Airlines may request proof of age for the infant. Babies from 0 to 23 months old are considered infants and they must always travel accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to purchase a ticket and reserve a seat for my baby?

A baby from 0 to 23 months old may travel without occupying a seat. However, a ticket for air transportation is required for an infant even if he/she is not paying a fare. Only one baby on lap will be accepted per adult.

You must purchase a ticket at the applicable fare on the route if you want your baby to use a seat during the flight. An infant chair approved by the international rules as appropriate to be used in an aircraft must be provided by the passenger. The baby seat, whether it is used or not during the flight, must be protected.

Domestic flights

(within Panama & Colombia)

No charge is applied.
International flightsThe fare for an infant not occupying a seat will be 10% of the adult fare.
If the baby occupies a seat, the regular discount for children will be
applied according to the rules for the corresponding fare on the route flown.

Approved Child Car Seats

The child car seat must comply with all corresponding federal regulations for car seats. If manufactured after February 12, 1985, it must be approved for use in automobiles and airplanes. The parent or accompanying adult is responsible for checking:

  • That the baby seat functions correctly.
  • That the infant does not exceed the seat restrictions.
  • That the infant is secured correctly in the seat
  • That the infant seat is safely attached to the airplane seat.

Baggage for Infants


When traveling with a baby, children’s care items, such as a diaper bag, carried onboard will be counted as your personal item. Liquids are allowed in containers of maximum 100 ml (3.4 oz). Breast milk, juice and medication exceeding the maximum amount must be declared to the inspection personnel or TSA.

Copa Airlines accepts small collapsible strollers as carry-on luggage as long as the dimensions of the stroller do not exceed those accepted for hand baggage, and it can be placed in one of the overhead compartments or underneath the seat in front of you. If the passenger checks the stroller as baggage, it will be subject to all excess baggage fees depending on its weight and size.

Remember that, if you are traveling with a stroller and a car seat, only one of these items will be permitted free of charge, in addition to your regular baggage.

Checked Baggage Allowances for Infants

An infant may or may not be entitled to a checked baggage allowance, depending on the fare paid for the baby:

  • No baggage can be checked for free under the name of an infant who travel with an adult fare that has been discounted by 100% (flights within Panama and Colombia).
  • For infants traveling on a fare that is 10% the normal adult fare, you may not check baggage. You are only allowed to carry 1 infant diaper bag as carry-on baggage, in addition to the fully retractable infant stroller.
  • Infants who travel with an adult fare that has been discounted by 50% or less have the right to check the same amount of baggage as would be allowed for a regular passenger traveling on an adult fare.

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