China Airlines flying with babies

How old must be my baby to travel on China Airlines flights?

China Airlines does not allow mothers and infants within 14 days after delivery to travel on its flights. Newborn infants, who are over 14 days old and accompanied by adults, can travel on China Airlines flights.

Does China Airlines offer discounts for infants and children?

Infants are passengers under 2 years old, calculated based on the boarding date. If an infant does not occupy a seat and travels on an adult’s lap (infant on lap), the infant fare is applicable to the infant.

If you want your baby to travel in a safety seat, you must purchase a child fare ticket for the occupied seat. Tickets for infants occupying a seat cannot be issued online but only through China Airlines customer service.

Children are passengers whose age is between 2 years old (including 2 years of age) and 12 years old (excluding 12 years of age). If the child is accompanied by an adult, the child fare will apply. If the child is flying unaccompanied, China Airlines will always charge the adult fare.

Infant on Lap

One adult may hold only one infant on his/her lap. If one adult travels along with two infants, one of the infants must sit in a child safety seat, next to the accompanying adult.

China Airlines provides wall-mounted bassinets that can be fixed on the bulkhead wall. Due to the limited number of bassinets, it is recommended that you request a bassinet upon booking since the service is provided on a first come, first served basis. You must contact China Airlines reservation office for reservations and information about weight and length restrictions.

An infant traveling on an adult’s lap is only entitled to a free checked baggage allowance:

  • Piece System (travel to/from territories in the US and Canada and certain countries in South and Central America):
    • 1 piece with a maximum weight of 10 kg (22 lbs) and a maximum size (sum of the three dimensions) of 115 cm (45 in).
    • Additionally, one fully collapsible stroller.
  • Weight System (all other flights):
    • 10 kg of checked baggage.
    • Additionally, one fully collapsible stroller.

Babies with Reserved Seats

When you want to reserve a seat for your baby, booking and seating procedure must be completed in advance. You also need to have a child safety seat with specifications that are accepted by China Airlines:

  • Safety seats manufactured in the US must meet the U.S National Manufacturing Standard and have attached a certification label for use in aircraft.
  • For safety seats manufactured in Canada, the certification label is not necessary since all of them were tested and verified.
  • Child safety seats manufactured in other countries must have attached a national qualified safety standard label or a label indicating that the child safety seat is manufactured in accordance with the national standards of the UN.

The child safety seat must be installed next to the accompanying adult’s seat and fastened by a seat belt the entire flight. For infants weighing less than 9 kg (20 lbs), the child safety seat should be fastened facing the back of the aircraft. For infants weighing between 9 and 18 kg (20-40 lbs), the safety seat should be fastened facing the front of the airplane. Children weighing over 18 kg (40 lbs) cannot use a safety seat. However, the child safety belt can be used for children up to 4 years of age, weighing between 10 and 20 kg (22-44 lbs), with a height under 100 cm (40 in).

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