Caribbean Airlines flying with pets

Can I travel with my pet on Caribbean Airlines flights?

Pets are not allowed in the passenger cabin. Caribbean Airlines accepts pets only as checked baggage. Pets must be transported in a container, which cannot exceed 32 kg (70 lbs) in combined weight (pet plus container), 292 cm (115 inches) in total linear dimensions, and 191 cm (75 inches) in length. Pets transported as checked baggage are subject to a pet in hold fee of:

  • USD 100 / CAD 120 – international flights.
  • USD 50 – domestic flights.

Are Service Animals allowed in the passenger cabin?

Dogs are the only Service Animals accepted in the passenger cabin on Caribbean Airlines flights. Certified, professionally trained Service Dogs can travel in the cabin free of charge when accompanying a passenger with disabilities.

Psychiatric assist dogs and emotional support dogs are also allowed to accompany a qualified individual in the cabin. Passengers who are traveling with an emotional support or psychiatric dog must provide to Caribbean Airlines Reservations a minimum of 48-hours advance notification. If advance notification is not provided, the animal will be accepted as a pet and transported in the hold, and the pet fee will apply.

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