Airtran Airways Baggage and Carry-on

What is the carry-on allowance?

With regard to carry-on allowance, Airtran Airways applies the “one bag plus one personal-type item” limit.

What is the checked baggage allowance policy?

There is no free checked baggage allowance on Airtran Airways flights. All checked bags are subject to charge.

Airtran Airways makes exceptions to the checked baggage allowance policy for the following passengers:

  • All passengers booking through Airtran Airways channels any itinerary that includes a Southwest Airlines segment.
  • Military personnel traveling on active duty orders, who will not be subject to excess, oversized, or overweight baggage charges, provided that each piece of baggage complies with the maximum weight and size limits.
  • A+ Reward Elite Members, who are exempt from first and second bag fees; excess, oversized, and overweight baggage fees still apply.
  • Business Class customers, who are exempt from first and second bag fees; excess, oversized, and overweight baggage fees still apply.
  • A2B Corporate customers, who are exempt from the first bag fee only.

What is the maximum weight and size allowed?

Airtran Airways does not accept any piece of baggage that exceeds 100 pounds (45 kg) or 80 linear inches (206 linear cm), with the exception of wheelchairs, mobility aids, and other assistive devices used by a qualified individual with a disability.


All passengers traveling on AirTran Airways are restricted to one bag plus one small, personal item (e.g. purse, briefcase, camera, food container, or laptop). The carry-on bag must be stowed either under the seat in front of the passenger, or in the overhead bin. The suitability of carry-on baggage will be determined by AirTran Airways.

The following items are not considered one of the allotted carry-on pieces and do not count against the "one-bag plus one personal-type item" limit:

  • A child restraint device for a ticketed child with a reserved seat or when complimentary, available space exists.
  • Assistive/mobility devices for individuals with a disability, with no limit to the number of assistive/mobility devices a customer can bring onboard the aircraft.
  • Outer garments or other wearable articles of clothing.
  • Food for consumption during flight contained in disposable packaging.
  • Walking canes or umbrellas.

The following items are considered one of the allotted carry-on pieces:

  • Garment bags.
  • Small musical instruments.
  • Pet carriers.


Airtran Airways limits the carry-on bag and personal item dimensions. If the following dimensions are exceeded, the bag will be considered too large to be a carry-on item and must be checked. Airtran Airways, in its sole discretion, will determine the suitability of carry-on baggage.

Maximum dimensions for a carry-on bag are 24” length x 16” width x 10” height, for a total combined linear measurement of 50 inches.

Maximum dimensions for a personal item to fit under the seat in front are 17” length x 12” width x 8.5” height.

Self-defense sprays are prohibited on any Airtran Airways flight regardless if it is checked or carried on. Sharp objects are not allowed in carry-on baggage. Visit the TSA’s web site for a list of prohibited carry-on items.

Checked Baggage

Baggage may be checked no more than 4 hours prior to the departure time. Where available, baggage may be accepted at an earlier time at authorized offsite baggage check-in facilities. Partener of Airtran Airways, BAGS (Baggage Airline Guest Services Inc.) offers remote baggage and passenger check-in service. The service is available in several Airtran destination cities.

Using BAGS service, you can bypass the ticket counter and, upon arriving at the airport, just pass through security and board your flight. A BAGS agent secures and transports your baggage to the airport, where it undergoes TSA screening before being placed aboard your plane. At BAGS locations, baggage can be checked as early as 24 hours and as late as 2 hours before departure.

Certain time requirements must be met when checking your baggage at the ticket counter or curbside check in locations.
For domestic flights, baggage must be checked 45 or 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure. Baggage checked less than 45 minutes prior to departure in larger airports, and 30 minutes in smaller airports will be marked for Voluntary Separation. Airtran Airways will make every effort to get your Voluntary Separated bag on your flight, but will not assume delivery charges to get your baggage to you in the event your baggage does not arrive with you at your destination.

For international flights, baggage must be checked 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. On international flights, passengers cannot voluntarily separate from their baggage.

When checking oversized items, you must arrive at the airport no later than 90 minutes prior to departure time.

Size and Weight Limits

You will not be charged any oversize or overweight baggage if all your bags comply with the following limitations:

  • Size – 62 linear inches.
  • Weight – 51 lbs.


All baggage fees are nonrefundable and are applied each way.

  • First Baggage Fee (< 62 in. and < 50 lbs.) $ 25
  • Second Baggage Fee (< 62 in. and < 50 lbs.) $ 35
  • Excess Baggage Fee (< 62 in. and < 50 lbs.) $ 75
  • Oversize Baggage Fee (62-80 linear inches) $ 75
  • Overweight Baggage Fee (51-100 pounds) $ 75

Baggage Service

Items carried onboard an aircraft are the sole responsibility of the passenger. However, if you forgot something important onboard, you should notify an Airtran Airways or Southwest Airlines Customer Service Agent at the airport, or file a Lost Item Report online. Airtran Airways will make every effort to retrieve your item and return it to you in the next 30 days.

In the case of damage to, substantial delay in delivery or loss of Checked Baggage, you must complete the following steps:

  • In all cases, you must notify Airtran Airways and receive a Baggage report number no later than four hours after arrival of your flight or receipt of the Baggage, whichever is applicable to the claim.
  • In all cases, you must submit either the completed Lost/Delayed Report Receipt form or a written correspondence that includes the Baggage report number to Airtran Airways no later than 21 days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the claim.
  • In the case of lost baggage, you must also submit a completed Property Loss Claim form.

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