Aircalin Baggage and Carry-on

Find below Aircalin approved luggage and carry-ons!

What is Aircalin’s carry-on baggage policy?

On Aircalin flights, the carry-on baggage allowance is one piece of carry-on, subject to size and weight restrictions, plus one personal item.

What is Aircalin’s checked baggage policy?

Aircalin applies the Piece Concept. Your baggage allowance, indicated on your e-ticket or travel document, shows the number of pieces of baggage that you can transport in the hold at no extra charge.

The Piece Concept applies throughout Aircalin’s network, except the routes Noumea – Nadi and Noumea – Wallis (direct or via Nadi), on which the baggage allowance is set “by weight”.

On code-sharing flights, the valid baggage allowance is the one that is indicated on your e-ticket (i.e., the airline’s allowance that has issued your e-ticket).

Carry-on Baggage

The carry-on bag you may carry on board must comply with the following size and weight restrictions:

RouteCarry-on Baggage AllowanceMaximum Dimensions
Economy ClassHibiscus ClassAll Classes
Regional network (Noumea ↔ Auckland, Brisbane,
Melbourne, Nadi, Port Vila, Sydney, Wallis)
1 piece
max. 7 kg
1 piece
max. 12 kg
55 x 35 x 25 cm
Long-haul network (Noumea ↔ Osaka, Papeete, Tokyo)
1 piece
max. 12 kg
1 piece
max. 18 kg

In addition, one of these personal items can be taken on board:

• A brief case• An overcoat or blazer• A camera or pair of binoculars
• A laptop computer• Books or magazines for the trip• An umbrella or a cane

Checked Baggage

On Aircalin’s network, your checked baggage is carried free of charge within the following baggage allowance limitations:

RouteChecked Baggage AllowanceMaximum Dimensions
Economy ClassHibiscus ClassAll Classes
Aircalin’s network
(except Noumea ↔ Wallis, Port Vila, France)
1 piece
maximum 23 kg
2 pieces
maximum 23 kg each

158 cm

(L + W+ H)

Noumea ↔ Port Vila, Wallis23 kg30 kg
Noumea ↔ France (with partner airlines)*1 or 2 pieces
maximum 23 kg each
2 pieces
maximum 32 kg
*Flights between New Caledonia and France, in connection with Air France or KLM.

Excess Baggage

You can check in pieces of baggage above the authorised allowance, by paying the excess baggage fees. Also, for a baggage weighing between 23 and 32 kg, a fee does apply. If a piece of baggage weighs more than 32 kg, it will not be accepted in the hold and shall be shipped as cargo. Oversized baggage with combined dimensions over 158 cm up to 300 cm is not part of the standard allowance and will be subject to an additional fee.

You can purchase additional baggage allowance online from the time of booking until 30 hours before departure. By upgrading your baggage allowance online, you get a 25% discount compared to the airport rate. This service doesn’t cover oversized and overweight baggage and is available on direct (without stopover) flights operated by Aircalin only (tickets including Aircalin plus partner airlines flights are excluded).

For flights to/from Wallis and Nadi, overweight baggage will be handled at the airport along with the payment of a fee of 1000 XPF / 8 EUR per kg. The purchase of additional baggage allowance online is not possible for these routes.

Where the Piece Concept applies, in case you have additional, overweight and/or oversized baggage, the following fees apply on flights operated by Aircalin:

RouteAdditional Piece
(up to 23 kg and 158 cm)
Overweight and/or Oversized
Additional Piece
(23-32 kg and/or 158 – 300 cm)
Pre-paidAt the airportAt the airport
Regional network
(Noumea ↔ Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Port Vila, Sydney)
6000 XPF
50 EUR
8000 XPF
67 EUR
12000 XPF
101 EUR
Long-haul network
(Noumea ↔ Osaka, Papeete, Tokyo)
12000 XPF
101 EUR
16000 XPF
134 EUR
24000 XPF
202 EUR
When departing from countries where EUR and XPF are not the local currency, the EUR rate shall be used as the reference and the equivalent in the local currency from the departing country shall be applied.

Sporting Equipment

On Aircalin flights, you are allowed an extra allowance for sporting equipment (in addition to your normal baggage allowance), under the following conditions:

  • Applies only on direct Aircalin flights for passengers with an Aircalin ticket (not available to passengers with a ticket that includes a connecting flight; if your trip includes flights operated by other airlines, please refer to their baggage regulations).
  • Sporting equipment must be packed in one piece, with the size (the  sum  of  the  three  dimensions  of  the  baggage) less than 3 meters and the weight of:
    • 10 kg – flights to/from Fiji, Port Vila, and Wallis.
    • 23 kg – flights to/from Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

  • Applies for the following sporting equipment:
♦ Golf equipment♦ Scuba diving equipment♦ Hunting equipment
♦ Bike♦ Water skiing equipment♦ Fishing equipment
♦ Snow skiing / snowboarding equipment♦ Surf, kitesurf and windsurf boards♦ Camping equipment

If you carry sporting equipment over this allowance, excess baggage fees apply.

Baggage Services

In case of delayed baggage, you must contact Aircalin staff so that a report is made, and a search immediately undertaken on the “Worldtracer” computer system. As soon as it is found, Aircalin staff will contact you to arrange for the delivery of the baggage.

In case of damaged baggage, you should proceed to La Tontouta Airport Baggage Service to inform Aircalin of the incident. If you have left the airport, you have a legal delay of 7 days from the receipt of your baggage to declare the incident, by writing to Aircalin Customer Service in Noumea.

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