Air Tahiti Nui flying with pets

Are passengers allowed to travel with pets on Air Tahiti Nui flights?

You are allowed to travel with your dog or your cat under certain conditions. If your pet cannot be accepted as a pet in the cabin, you must contact Air Tahiti Nui Air Cargo service.

What are the general conditions for traveling with pets?

Acceptance of pets depends on your departure and destination countries. Air Tahiti Nui accepts pets in the passenger cabin only on the following routes: from Los Angeles to Paris, from Paris to Los Angeles and from Papeete to Los Angeles or Paris.

Dogs of the following breeds, including dogs that are a mix of one of the breeds with any other breed, are not accepted on any Air Tahiti Nui flights (including by cargo): Staffordshire Terrier, Mastiff (Boerboel), Tosa and Pitbull.

The number of pets accepted on board each flight is limited and subject to availability. Air Tahiti Nui recommends that you provide the information regarding weight, sanitary and veterinary certificates at the time of booking, or at least 48 hours before scheduled departure.

Pets in the Cabin

For pets to be accepted in the passenger cabin, certain conditions must be met:

  • The pet must stay in its carrier during the entire flight and until arrival in the passenger terminal.
  • Only one pet carrier is allowed per passenger, with the maximum dimensions of 45 x 35 x 20 cm.
  • The pet must weigh maximum 5 kg (maximum 8 kg, including the container).
  • Maximum 2 small-sized pets can be transported in one container provided that there is enough place for them to move freely and the total weight is respected.
  • The pet carrier is considered as one hand baggage in addition to the standard carry-on baggage allowance as long as the applicable pet transportation fee has been collected by Air Tahiti Nui before departure.


The applicable pet transportation fee must be paid at the check-in counter. On Air Tahiti Nui flights, the pet transportation fees are:

  • Los Angeles to Paris – USD 150 one-way.
  • Paris to Los Angeles – EUR 150 one-way.
  • Papeete to Los Angeles – XPF 14,000 one-way.
  • Papeete to Paris – XPF 24,000 one-way.

Service Animals

On Air Tahiti Nui flights, certified Guide Dogs and Emotional Support Animals are allowed in the cabin free of charge when accompanying passengers with disabilities. The Service Animal must remain at the owner’s feet and be appropriately harnessed with a leash.

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